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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
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I hate the S.S. cuts..They will effect me!!
However, if this what it takes to avoid a govt. shutdown which will lead to financial chaos, how long
who knows?......Couldnít a more friendly congress beginning 2014 amend these cuts. Either by means
testing them or eliminating them... Also, wouldnít the termination of the Sequester be part of this budget

I think republicans are digging a huge fucking hole for themselves, however if the economy continues to
lean backwards..They will not loose their stranglehold on the House!!

Is there anyone out there who feels that Obama..

actually has an overall plan to blow the Republicans out of the water??

Or is he as many claim just finally showing us his true centrists colors at the expense of those who counted on his Promise of Change...

Washington Postís editorial board blows it....

Claiming that the dumb speech by Netanyahu to the U.N. ( the one with the dumb cartoon bomb )
was the primary reason for Iranís discontinuation of its fueling production efforts..

You would just fucking think, just think, that the W.P. editorial board would vent everything that
comes out on their editorial page very carefully. Apparently we can now start classifying them with the bottom rung of newspapers starting with the Washington Times...


14 stabbed at Texas College!!!

Here we go...... What if he had a gun????


Activists Claim Arkansas Oil Spill Diverted Into Wet Lands...

Source: Raw Story.

Link speaks for itself..

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/04/07/activists-claim-arkansas-oil-spill-diverted-into-wetland/

Check out clean up efforts by oil company with paper towels at about 1:05 of video...

Help me out..

Iím not feeling it today.. These obstructionist idiots from red states backed by their constituents are determined to bring the Country down.... I fight everyday against these guys, but I sincerely feel that
they are so full of anger and ignorance that many of us will be long gone before they realize how they
were so wrong.

Iím an avid member of D.U. and its funny that Iíve always maintain a lot of hope. I know whats going on
Iím very involved, however the Obama/S.S. issue has really taken the wind out of my sails....

Meagan Mcardle is an example of how the msm is gonna cover the

cuts to S.S.. She writes for newsweek and is a complete idiot...
This is what we are up against. My God!!!
Excerpt from Daily Beast...

"Chained CPI would work, and it is going to happen eventually Progressives don't like it. But non-progressives don't like huge tax hikes. Chained CPI is exactly the kind of change that the government actually can make stick: a very, very slow decline in benefits that gives people ample time to plan around it. By one estimate, chained CPI would reduce benefits by about 3% a couple decades from now. The corollary, of course, is that this does not raise much money in the short term: about $130 billion over ten years. But since the long-term is where the biggest problem is, chained CPI remains a good idea.Ē

Yup!!! This is how the Beast narrates her skills


Megan McArdle is a special correspondent for Newsweek and The Daily Beast covering business, economics, and public policy. A former senior editor at The Atlantic and writer for The Economist, Megan has a diverse work history including three small startups and a disaster recovery firm at Ground Zero.


Conflating my Social Security with some tax breaks for millionaires????
Fuck That!!!!!

WASHINGTON ó President Barack Obama says his soon-to-be released budget, already criticized by friends and foes, is not his "ideal plan" but offers "tough reforms" for benefit programs and scuttles some tax breaks for the wealthy.

That's a mix, he contends, that will provide long-term deficit reduction without harming the economy.


Obama owns the Sequester...

Unless he starts unleashing a series of White House Press televised press conferences
explaining exactly how republicans are dismantling our economy once again.

This should be partisan and the republicans should be specifically called out for what they
are doing..

I know for a fact, because I am a small business owner and I listen to other business owner frequently discussing economic trends.. Most of them havenít a clue to what the Sequester is about and I feel in the long run will end up blaming Obama if the economy goes into free fall againí..

Why? Because he is the president and its easy to blame 1 person when your pissed and uniformed..

So I think President Obama needs to use the bully pulpit now!! Repeating the same thing over
and over so that an 8th grader can clearly understand that the House of Reps needs to simply
present a Bill to the White House which simply voids the Sequester.. That he can not issue or
do anything which will terminate the Sequester!!! It begins in the House!!

Come on---- Mr. President!!

You better get out in front of this Sequester problem fast....

There are millions of people out there who donít understand a single thing concerning the politics of these cuts..

Everyday now weíre gonna be hearing on MSM how the sequester is hurting the economic recovery..And that you and Congress canít get it together. This is a very tricky way to let this
situation exist.. I think it will end up being your Sequester if you let it go much further..

In my opinion a White House statement followed by a brief Q&A is needed immediately!!!

A lot of us have been waiting years for you to say it as it is....A Partisan issue caused by Republican greed and ideology. They have from day 1 disrespected, humiliated and have filibustered your agenda to death..

We need you to throw some left hooks into the collective stomachs of these idiots now.
If not everything you did to turn this country around might be voided by their refusal to come
to you will a bill which will nullify these cuts.....


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