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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
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Perhaps Justin will inspire a few to young fans to educate themselves to the holocausts.
How many young music superstars show up at this type of museum?


I still love Madman..but honestly,

Iim fearful that this season will mostly focus onTom Draper’s dissent into darkness..(alcohol, self hatred etc.) I know he was always the focus of the show, but in past seasons he was surrounded by so many interesting characters and plot lines.. I hope that I’m wrong about this..

I also think John Hamm has had to much exposure over the past couple of years( several sat. night which I understand but I always think less is more...!!

The thing that pisses me off the most about Obama..

That as of this date he has allowed the Republican party to
Disrespect, humiliate, threaten, lie, and use racial slurs on him as well as his family..
They also have been able to use mainstream media as a driving force in their attempt to undermine everything the President has accomplished during the past 50 months of his presidency.. Just look at how
they are currently fucking with the N.H.A..

Yes, there has been moderate push back in his tour speeches, however when the hell is our President going to finally stand and call these guys out for what they are...Lying, Ignorant, shameless politicians who are bent on destroying our middle class... Yea, “Lying, Ignorant, Shameless politicians, exactly how
he should state it!!!

Ed Rendell is the enemy..

For the few people we like on MSNBC, start treating Ed Rendell as an adversary..He loves making money
disguised as democrat...


Republicans have been “inadvertently “ doing this shit for years..

How come we never fucking ever see them called out face to face by the media.
Because he felt he had an admirable “goal”?
This piece of shit congressman from Colorado was wrong on the facts, issues and every other
piece of dumb crap he spewed and yet he won’t suffer any consequences at all!!

From Think Progress:

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) made headlines on Thursday when he inadvertently revealed a still secret Defense Intelligence Agency asessment of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. In one segment of the DIA’s assessment, which was mistakenly labeled as unclassified in the copy provided to Congress, the Pentagon spy agency determined North Korea “has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles; however, the reliability will be low.”
Lamborn defended the disclosure after the meeting, as he was worried that the Obama administration isn’t doing enough to fund missile defense:
“My whole goal in bringing this to light was to make sure we don’t cut missile defense spending,” the congressman said. “At the worst possible time, the President’s budget does exactly that.”

whole Link:http://thinkprogress.org/security/2013/04/12/1858561/gop-dprk-missile-defense/

Freaking Hysterical!!!


This clip alone should somehow become the next Democratic go to political ad for 2014..

I don’t know how how to technically do it, clips or otherwise..... but if the average American saw this
clip they would know who was on their side.. We as a nation have never seen this kind of grilling of
bank examiners. You can imagine what it will be like when she meets with Gangsters themselves!!!

By the way. I think even better clips will be coming to a theater near you!!!


Anyone watching Top of The Lake??

Really good! If you haven’t its on Sundance and I would wait for the marathon.
Last episode is on Monday. I think there is a total of only 6..

Fucking amazing how they push us around!!

I never ever the MSM mention anything about this...Why isn’t our side screaming this stuff from ocean to ocean.?
We are in a substantial period of deficit reduction!!!!


Milbank, Mathews.. What a Pair!!

On MNSBC.... Milbank is conflating Bernie Sanders with the hard right.... while Mathews is having the
time of his life nodding his head with that dumb smile...

If you missed it, consider yourself lucky!
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