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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,511

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If anyone can link the CNN woman who summed up Obama’s speech right after it ended..

please do so... I’m too slow...
She was truly terrific...First time ever in my life I have complimented CNN.

Now that stupid motherfucker Blitzer has changed message and asking idiotic questions about the bombing to Gov. Patrick...

Obama is calling out Republicans big time right now!!

This is the guy I love...

Here is a list of useless Democrats...

voting against the Background check going forward. In other words voting for the filibuster...

From the Daily Kos:

Mark Pryor of Arkansas; Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota; Mark Begich of Alaska; and Max Baucus of Montana. Reid voted against for procedural reasons, so he can bring the proposla up in the future. Four Republicans who voted for: Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; Mark Kirk of Illinois; Susan Collins of Maine; John McCain of Arizona.

Has this been posted at all today?

Speaks for itself....Disturbing but God, how true..


Yea, its the Muslims all right..

“Dark skin kind”......
Fucking amazing how MSM cowards and money makers have barely mentioned Oklahoma, Atlanta,
una-bomber at the beginning of this event.

Today I see they are beginning to explore other scenarios. Perhaps it might not be a foreign nationalists.

The story line of attacks by foreign terrorists brings in so much more revenue...So many more
so called “terrorist experts” must be disappointed.

Jesus Christ, when are we ever gonna be able to turn on the news on major stations and actually
get the real story....I guess we first have to blame ourselves....

Saw Congressman Ed Markey (D) on L.O. tonight...

Consistently invoked 911 over and over again tonight...
I’m just wondering? If it was evident immediately after the bombing that the people or person who
inflicted the damage was a home grown national, a persons who had some sort of revenge motive
against some or any aspect of our govt. or society,( Timothy McVeigh ), Do you think 911
would be invoked by as much as it is now?

I think its absolutely horrible that this horrendous incident is being conflated with 911..
Its a very simple way that politicians and media can gain more attention to themselves in order
to advance their agendas...

Republicans are definitely pushing the foreign terrorist scenario and I can’t believe no one is calling them out....

And to all those out there who think I’m politicizing this. I guess I fucking am...

If it is Al Qaeda, why aren’t they claiming responsibility?

Isn’t that their history?? Isn’t that the purpose to gain world attention so they can spout their reasons for hatred and terror??

It’s fucking amazing how many times I have heard in the past 48, the groups" foreign terrorists
Al Qaeda, Taliban, foreign nationalist” being used by the media and by republican politicians..

How many times have we heard “Oklahoma City”, “Atlanta Olympic bomber”, “Physicians being murdered
by religious extremists”, invoked by the MSM?........ Funny how these aforementioned murderer’s never came out to the media with their political agendas...rather they hid like cowards! Just as the perpetrators of yesterday’s atrocities are doing right now!

I know, It’s still too early for this, but...

I’m sure the rethugs when they heard of this story, were just pissing with excitement!!
Yea , the evilness of marxists socialists knows no bounds. Sending poison through the mail is just one of their favorite methods of spreading fear..

Can’t wait to find out who these two scums are, but am certain they didn’t vote for Obama...
Probably 2 lone fucked up wolves, but we’ll see.

By the way anyone who thinks republicans first reaction yesterday wasn’t political, should take a course
in reality 101... Peter King, . “ has all the markings of a terrorist attack”.. not exact words but close...


How those on the right hoping today, just fucking hoping.

That they can blame this thing on Obama....Disgusting tweets this a.m.
Even a”Bush kept us safe for 8 years” shit..These people have no brains or shame.
Just an embarrassment...

I suggest that we do a good job of reminding them if they are wrong!!!

CNN... Did anyone notice the CNN scroll tonight around 6:30.?

Authorities searching for man of darker color with a foreign accent. He tried to cross into an unauthorized zone and was stopped, walked away pulling his hood up over his head. Not the exact script, but it’s close.

How hard do you think Cnn vetted this before it aired?

Am I fucking insane to think MSM will be disappointed if this is not a terrorist action?
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