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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,504

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Dumb shit Maine Gov..

proves just how incredibly stupid he is.. However it is interesting how I have read little about push
back from the University of Main... This needs to change quickly.

Maybe Main needs to become part of the anti science coalition of southern states. Thats what happens when you elect a tea bagger as gov..


This guy seems as American as apple pie..

You know he was fucked up as can be underneath it all. But check the tweet on the cat.........................
Rethugs got it right on one point. Mental healthcare in this country has to be a priority. Of course this is not a difficult thing to realize or to promote.. So I don’t give them one piece of god damn credit!!

sorry forgot link:http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/this-might-be-djohar-tsarnaevs-actual-twitter-account

Question?? How does this horrible story play out politically..??

I hate asking this question because obviously the concern should still focus on the victims..
But if you think the right wing is gonna pause for a second on this and not immediately start with the foreigner,fear talking points, you’re living in another world..

I for one want to prepare myself for whats coming from these idiots!!

If one or two of these guys turn out be the marathon bombers..

Will the media refer to them as terrorists?,,,,,Or does this word only apply to people of a darker color?
I predict you will hear a lot of" suspected bombers” rather than “suspected terrorists”.

Breaking tonight on the Boston Globe tonight headlined by Huffington Post.
“Bomb suspect caught”.....I wonder if it would have been “Bomb terrorist caught” if this had been a foreign nationalist?

CNN shut the fuck up until you are sure of the news you’re reporting,

You seem to be reporting anything and everything you hear, regardless of the source!!
All I’m hearing tonight is the word “clarify” over and over and over again...

I’ll never forget Enron Traders singing

“Burn baby Burn” when Southern Cali. was burning up with out of control wild fires...
Nope, I just refuse to forget that go...I personally watched those fires destroy people’s lives..

One might argue that we need to forgive and forget..Not me.!

Could someone tell me who Paul Kevin Curtis is?...

Arrested for ricin letters today. If this was left wing supporter, we would have heard all about
this guy and why he hates freedom so much. No matter how hard I try all I’m getting is that he
he is from Mississippi... WTF...I hate the MSM..

Did anyone see Wolf Blitzer hold up that brand new Pressure Cooker with Gov. Patrick today?

He looked totally embarrassed when the Gov. pushed it away with also an embarrassed smile.
Like saying, “WTF are you doing Wolf”...Would have been hysterical if it wasn’t such a horrible

Wolf Blitzer just held up a pressure pot while interviewing gov. Patrick..

This is 10 minutes after Obama’s speech... This guy looks and sounds so stupid.
Its time for CNN to send him to retirement home...
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