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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 10:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,511

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Does anyone really think the Tsarneav Brothers...

were connected with islamic terrorists when they couldn’t even figure out all the surveillance cameras which would be surrounding the event..
Give me a break... You think the supposed terrorists handlers of these two wouldn’t have figured that out... Especially since they wanted to live.

The airport surveillance at the airport on 911 didn’t mean a thing... Those guys
considered themselves dead...

2 words for the Boston Terrorists....Just two!

Home Grown! just Home Grown!


We all are so dumb! Republicans do have the answer for our immigration dilemma ...

Soon there will be no $7.50 jobs left for the “illegals” to come here for.....They are all being sucked up by our unemployed and recent college graduates...
Who said austerity is evil?

Does anyone think that Feinstein really “slammed” That idiot Peter King on Fox..?

"Top Democrat Slams GOP’s Islamophobia After Boston Bombing"
By Zack Beauchamp on Apr 21, 2013 at 10:20 am Think Progress

KING: Listen, the threat is coming from within the Muslim community in these cases. In New York. that’s why Commissioner Kelly has 1,000 police officers out in the community. Unfortunately, he gets smeared by the New York Times and the Associated Press, but the fact is we’ve stopped 16 plots in New York because we know that al-Qaeda is shifting its tactics…If you know a certain threat is coming from a certain community, that’s where you have to look.
WALLACE: Senator Feinstein, your reaction to this?
FEINSTEIN: That’s exactly where they will look. I don’t think all of this is very helpful. I think the important thing is to get the facts. Let the investigation proceed. The FBI has very good interrogators. They know what they are doing. I believe that they will put a case together that will be very strong. With respect to whether we are doing enough in the Muslim community, I think we should take a look at that, but I don’t think we need to go and develop some real disdain and hatred on television about it.

Some slam!!!!!! How about starting of by “Rep King you have made a career out of stoking fear at all levels in this country especially against the Muslim Community. Its kind of confusing to those of us who want to protect this country as you say you do, why you have never called for an investigation of right wing terror groups who on a regular basis have harmed or many law abiding Americans either through acts of violence against Mosques, Woman’s health facilities, or against Gay/transgender American Citizens...??"

Lindsey Graham always ready to blame someone for something..

wonder if he is ever gonna blame Bush/Cheney for 911 or if he is gonna blame Bush/Cheney for allowing the Tsarnaevs into our country in 2002 as well..??

Anyone play his stupid ass games.. He is real scum...!

Jesus Christ , another example of Bush/ Chaney not protecting the country!

Tsarnaev family arrived in U.S. in 2002 under Bush/Chaney watch...

So before the freepers start spewing their stupid shit about Obama’s security failure,
I’d thought I’d mention this plus there were a couple of other horrendous events which seem to still have their name attached...

Where are police, sheriffs , highway patrolmen, unions, nonunions and all other law enforcement on

stricter background checks? I’d actually like to see some poll numbers ..
I’ve always had a feeling that most cops vote on social and moral issues alone and that they fall into sort of a libertarian position... Love freedom when it suits their point of view... Govt. should restrict things which interfere with their positions on abortion, guns, and equality on social issues..

Heres the point... The rampant deregulation of gun control over the past decades have put them in the crosshairs of all these crazed individuals who so easily can get their hands on guns...You would think they would be strongly in favor of stronger background checks just in order to protect themselves..

However, I doubt it... but I’d like some numbers... We could sure the hell use their support!! but rarely hear from them,

I love this summary of fox....a lot

Hunter: A Daily Kos extraction by Hunter

This is the entire reason Fox News exists. To pass off garbage as news to a base that only wants to hear garbage:

I hope they try and take this kid alive.....

Don’t bother telling me what a piece of scum he is...But rather realize that we can learn a lot about a kid
who spent most of his life growing up in this country who immigrated from a vicinity from within the old Soviet Union and made a decision to bomb a city he lives close by to...I think we may learn some things that mental health experts might be able to use in order to prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future..

Can someone please explain why Harry Reid can not bring up the gun background..

Bill every week to remind voters of this country who the cowards are?? I don’t get it..
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