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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,503

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"Well heres another fine mess you got me into Stanley.."

No help for Ranchers... Climate Change Deniers.. Cattle dying by the thousands... Everything is so dysfunctional in this country.. Thanks GOP..


Hey anti-Obama DUers...Heres some red meat for ya...

Like the MIC is a black and white issue..
Fairy Dust makes it just disappear....

Bullshit to this article..


A huge fact that Michael Tomasky wrote about this am..I did not know...

From Daily Beast......
"A huge lie. Here’s a fact I’d bet no more than 2 percent of the American public knows: that “clean” continuing resolution the Senate passed, with Democrats backing it and Republicans opposing it? That CR carried the levels of funding for government agencies demanded by Republicans, not Democrats.

That’s right. The Senate CR funds the government in the coming weeks at a level of $988 billion. The Democrats wanted $1.058 billion. But they passed a bill at Republican levels. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said late last week: “My caucus really didn’t like that. We took a real hit…So that’s one of the largest compromises since I’ve been in Congress.”

Now why did they pass a bill at the GOP’s preferred levels? Because, Reid said late last week, he had assurances from Boehner that the House speaker wouldn’t attach demands to the Senate CR if Reid brought it in at $988 billion. So this whole thing started with a significant Democratic compromise. But once the Republicans decided that they were going to use both the shutdown and the debt ceiling to try to defund and/or delay Obamacare, they couldn’t even vote for a bill that gave them a major fiscal victory. That’s how dug in and crazy they are."

Why is Hate Media so effective?

The ones who believe the spewed hate... want to believe the hate spewed!!

Many of us feel that we have the “high ground” in the battle with the right wing..

The Ad scheduled to run on the NFL game tomorrow is a bad ad and probably will have the opposite effect of what it was intended to do.. Reasons are numerous and have been discussed today. Many of us actually feel it will be shoved back into our faces as a “new Low” in Democratic talking points.

Anyone have any ideas on who to call and contact beyond the obvious? Maybe a letter from D.U.?

The Ad scheduled to run on tomorrow’s NFL game just might be a bad idea...

I love hard smack downs of right wingers..

But I think we should stick to the facts and by all means illustrate them in a creative manner..

But Listening to this kid cry for 15 seconds was annoying..and kind of makes one think that it could have come out of the office of Reince Priebus attacking a democrat..

Its scheduled to air on tomorrow’s NFL Games.

Anyone watching the President’s Cup out there?

That USA..USA...USA... continuos obnoxious chant is so obnoxious.. Save it perhaps for after the match..
You see this bravado in these matches when they are overseas but not nearly to the extent you see here..

And I do realize that probably 90% of Professional Golfers on the tour are Republicans who can’t stand Obama..

No freaking way.. Nope...

funding for 6 weeks is complete bull shit....Just bullshit..


Anyone notice that the DU Obama doubters are out today..

Out of nowhere comes a Thread stating that Obama and his Corporate allies are ready to spring the out the “Grand Bargain” as the compromise to the current fucked up situation which will end up gutting S.S. and Medicare..

What the hell? That means Obama is nothing but a a complete fraud..Really?

Did you notice U.S. Flag in Rep Neugeberger’s top pocket?

I wish there was something symbolizing the Park Rangers which Dems. could where starting monday showing support for these Federal Employees as well. Right along side the U.S. Flag Pin which has been exploited for nothing but political purposes since 911.
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