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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,503

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“How do we go forward ?” Republican talking points bullshit!!

In no way should there be talks about cutting S.S., Medicare or programs which protect the poor and elderly..
Only Revenue from Defense and the wealthy(back to Clinton era) should be on the table..
Take it to them Bernie..( Recently appointed to upcoming Budget Committee )

I’m gonna start getting my friends and relatives to call Senator Sanders to let him know how much we stand behind him.... Stand strong Senator and squash the lies...


The House Stenographer who had a Jesus like meltdown on House floor?

This article summarizes the event very nicely.
My immediate reaction: Who gives a shit about this Michele Bachman like character who flipped out because the House was letting our Lord Jeeeesus down..


Don Lemon... Is it your journalistic mission to point out as frequently as possible

what's wrong with the black community?.. Every time this guy is on CNN he seems to me he is touting right wing talking points concerning the breakdown of black lower middle class communities..

O.k. we get it mr. Handsome Afro-American T.V. star.. But how about solutions which do not consistently use the the words “Responsibility and Role Models” Maybe how the right wing is trying to destroy inner city poor educational
institutions and programs... You make me sick..


Let me tell you something..

I make 35 grand a year and no hope of making much more...
But if I did... Screw you guys, I wouldn’t want to give it away to a bunch of lazy takers..

In the meantime I’ll sit back and wait for my S.S. and Medicare..

It’s a freaking beginning, thats all.. The ACA’s #1 attribute is

that it will prove to the American People that govt. can work better than the free bullshit market place.
When people as a majority begin to understand that the thing works and that it will only become better with time, they will begin to expect more..

Unfortunately in order to implement Single Payer it will require a tax increase on practically everyone .
A small fucking price to pay....

They got their asses kicked thats for sure..

But is the same thing gonna happen all over again come Jan and Feb..?
My fear is that they're gonna say. “we compromised last time...no more” We’re taking it down this time

How the fuck does our economy get back on track with this hanging on our necks?..
If i’m a business owner am I gonna invest in expansion with this coming up again?

John King is an absolute idiot..

This fucked up article written by King points out how that not one of the goals of Obama’s Presidential State of the Union Address has been met..

Writes a few lines about Republican discord and how deep devisions between parties will still exist and continues to be problematic for Obama’s agenda for months to come..

Yet he doesn’t address why not one of his goals ( Job Program for i.e) has been accomplished.. Maybe John because of the fucking brutal insanity of the tearepublican controlled house..Maybe you should point out how these idiots would rather plunge or country into a complete disaster rather than see any legislation pass which might enhance Obama’s legacy..


Obama has outwitted his doubters around here...I had my doubts as well..

but I think the most difficult entity Obama had to contend with was The MIC...
No one absolutely no one could fundamentally change the Military Industrial Complex just by Becoming Pres.

I’m sure we will be seeing some changes over the next 3 years to this entity as well..

Dow Futures down 108...

Anyone watching? I pulled out last week (IRA)... Hope I’m wrong.........

But right now I think it’s 50/50..

Don’t look now, but the futures are down significantly..

Dow is down 105...Thats a big number for this early in the eve..

Who knows?... this may be the start..
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