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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 12:50 PM
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I don't play poker, but...

I believe in statistics. The senior HP and RCP polling editors, and David plouffe, and Dan Pfeffer have all said or implied that H us up, and the rest is noise. I am volunteering the next several days to GOTV! CNN and MSNBC need eyeballs on the screen. Stop watching cable news and volunteer!!! You will feel much better. Sitting in a room watching tv or refreshing websites is called OCD. H is going to win, and if you volunteer she will win even bigger and bring the senate with her. And 538 is owned by ESPN.

Yard Signs Don't Vote!

For anyone worried about not seeing tons of Hillary signs (and a friend running the NYC marathon just told me he wants to paste an H sticker on his shirt but cannot find one anywhere), I am reminded of this article from 2008 about Obama's campaign. Yard signs don't vote!


DU is a go to for current info

I go to DU several times a day because I know the DU posters will keep me up to date on all things politics. I don't post much, though. For full disclosure, I am a Hillary supporter. I am greatful for the Internet and the ability for anyone, regardless of race, class, etc. to voice their views and opinions in a forum that reaches so many. I learn so much about why people agree or disagree about my point of view. It's truly a great place to express ideas.
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