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Profile Information

Name: Kristen Wells
Gender: Female
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.
Home country: United States
Current location: Greensboro, N.C.
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 07:07 PM
Number of posts: 742

About Me

Hi, I am Kristen, 25 from North Carolina, also on Twitter @ravengirlnc If you are not a Russia Bot then please feel free to friend me there and I will friend back for sure!

Journal Archives

" She just nodded her head in disagreement and then told me that Romney would make such a fine...


I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Greensboro, N.C.

Also I have family that live up in the mountains in Virgina as well and this kind of mentality is spread rich and thick all through out the area up there as well. It is sad to see people will vote for Rmoney out of this made up fear but never see or understand that by voting for that moron they are shooting themselves in the foot since most of these people I know are on social security disability and food stamps.

I am always astonished

at the people saying Rmoney has more debate experience due to the republican primary's and that he must be a great debater cause he won and Obama should be worried. Okay yes, Rmoney has more "recent" debate experience but you have to remember who he was debating against. A room full of right winger low intelligent idiots. All Rmoney proved was he was the smartest idiot in the room. Obama is a very cool, calculated and very intelligent man. He is a different kind of beast all together and if Rmoney thinks it will be smooth sailing like in the Republican Primary's then he is in a world of hurt.


That sounds awesome. Is there a place to see this online? Thanks


How could you? When Twit Rmoney makes such a persuasive argument to vote for him???

hehehe, Just kidding

Very awesome and way to go! Also Welcome to DU!!

Welcome! =)

hahaha, Awesome pic. Don't forget the newly installed window cranks so he can raise the windows up and down during mid-flight... You know, to get some fresh air and all.

Believe it or not

I am not actually a violent person but she is like one of the very few people on this earth I know about that just makes my blood boil... lol

And good question. I have no idea. How can this thing go out in public without people wanting to rip her head off? She must spend her life in hiding or something. It really is a mystery. If there really is such a thing as Karma then it is long over due to pay this thing a visit.

I have no doubt

N.C. will go blue once again. I have faith in her. I see no support for Rmoney around here at all and I was so proud to see pro Obama signs in peoples yards yesterday. They are popping up every where now and I have yet to see a Rmoney sign or bumper sticker. I am very proud of my State and I know we will win for Obama once again.

Please tell me

this guy is going down this November. He doesn't just insult us women but the entire race of humanity!

Congrats to both of you!

You both are so lucky to have someone to share the voting experience with as well. Keep fighting the good fight!
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