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Profile Information

Name: Kristen Wells
Gender: Female
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.
Home country: United States
Current location: Greensboro, N.C.
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 07:07 PM
Number of posts: 742

About Me

Hi, I am Kristen, 25 from North Carolina, also on Twitter @ravengirlnc If you are not a Russia Bot then please feel free to friend me there and I will friend back for sure!

Journal Archives


I am so sick and tired of hearing this BS about Mitt Twits plan to create 12 million new jobs when that would happen no matter who was president with the way Obama has set things up. What BS!

Is this actually just a big joke?

This campaign just seems like a complete farce. I am half expecting the GOP to come out and say: Gotcha! Okay here is our real running mates - (cue in another set of rich, racist, almost as dumb white guys but this time slightly more serious)

This reminds me

of my 8th grade English teacher. We were having a spelling bee, I came in third since I left the e out of Pharmaceutical...grr but it came down to the final two students and the last word given was Phenomenon so the student chosen to go first proceeded to spell out P-h-O-n-o-m-e-n-o-n at which the teach stood up and said yay, we have a winner! So I stood up and had to correct her and tell her how to spell Phenomenon correctly which she then said no, I believe that is wrong. She then looked up the word in the dictionary and had to admit, I was right. lol

A 150ft

yacht with the Cayman Islands flag flying proudly.

Where are they playing these ads?

All I ever see on TV here in North Carolina are damn Rmoney lying ads. They saturate the TV's here with them. Now we are getting Pro Rmoney ads in the mail box almost every day as well, this is infuriating!

Our mailbox just threw up

I just went out to get the mail and all that was in there was two brochures from Rmoney/Lyin stating how Obama lied about taking care of our military and troops and gave a huge list of 'lies' that Obama has supposedly told. I couldn't even read the whole list it was nauseating. Nothing on the brochures about how they will make things better at all. God I hate these bastards!

Of course

repugs are going to claim everything Obama said was a lie anyways and that Mittens was 100% truthful. I am not sure at the time when these debates happen if there is going to be any real undecideds left out there. Everyone will have probably picked a side by then and even though the President will trample Rmoney into the ground verbally each side will claim their man to be the winner. It is still going to be fun to watch and I am looking forward to the debates more then I am for Christmas.

The only chance he has

of winning is if he morphs into President Obama.

I am actually a

undercover conservative posing as a liberal. My ultimate goal is to infiltrate the democratic party, 'act like' i am condemning Rmoney/Lyin, send money to President Obama's campaign to help get him re-elected and then VOTE in November for Obama and then when Obama gets re-elected I will come on here and say... haha FOOLED YOU ALL!

They are all over the ABC News

message boards saying Obama apologized as well and that he is weak and needs to be replaced. Man, they just hear one soundbite from their Overlords and they just eat that up and parrot it and feel like they are smart because they can spew political talking points at people... Facts be damned.
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