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Profile Information

Name: Kristen Wells
Gender: Female
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.
Home country: United States
Current location: Greensboro, N.C.
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 520

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Kristen but everyone calls me Kitten or Kitty. I just turned 18 August 30th. I am in my last year of High School (passing with flying colors - yay!) This will be my first time being able to VOTE this election and I am really looking forward to doing that and exercising my right as a proud American. I have been interested in politics since I was a young girl and have always been a Democrat in heart and spirit! This has been especially hard on me since my parents and my sister are die hard republicans so I have always been at odds with my family which sucks and can be very lonely. I was so happy to find Democratic Underground, for the first time I felt at home. I was a long time reader of the site but thought I would finally join up to show my support and hopefully make new friends. I know I could use some - especially SANE friends which would be a great change! lol Well I have no more to say at the moment so if you like to know more then please feel free to write me anytime. If you are writing to criticize on of my idiot post then I will apologize ahead of time as my fingers have a mind of their own sometimes... BAD FINGERS! BAD!! ^-^

Journal Archives

"You don't have to take my word for it"

That is a good thing because WE CAN'T! Every time you open your mouth you lie!

and Mixed reactions? lmao


How much is spray on Tan running these days? This should cover him till after November 6th I hope.

If anyone

is an expert of Penises - He is.

No Rmoney signs or

stickers at all that I have seen (North Carolina) No Obama ones either though.

However I was driving down the highway the other day and Replacements LTD. has this very beautiful flip over billboard. It says of course Replacements LTD. then slowly flips over to say Obama Forward! In this very pretty blue writing I wanted to take a picture of it so badly on my cellphone but I didn't since I was driving but I was so surprised to see that billboard since I live in a very heavily repuglican area of N.C. Made me feel so good inside and proud.


I actually joked on here before about Mitt putting on blackface, then hanging gold chains around his neck (BLING) and start greeting everyone with the phrase "Wut Up Homey? R-Dogg N Tha IzHouse!" in order to get the African/American vote. I didn't think he would actually read my post on here and take it seriously.

Since he apparently does and stole some of my idea I have a new one for him...

Dress up in a rainbow colored ball gown with some really pretty sparkling high heels and this time leave the black(TAN)face off but instead apply a generous amount of lipstick and mascara/eyeshadow then do your little 'Look, I am the President too' speeches while replacing that flicking lizard tongue you normally do that freaks people out with a sassy but sexy little lisp.

That will sure pull in the Gay/Lesbian & Transgender vote for sure!

and I can aford to

eat more than once a day too! - LOOK, I can lie also!

What an asshole!


Now I know who got my License Plate dammit

hehehe, that is so very awesome! Go NORTH CAROLINA FOR OBAMA!!!!

This is great news!

Please make sure they go to VOTE! and hope they stick by their guns. I would imagine a lot of people turning away from Mitt the Twit after that video and I would imagine half of those people plan to VOTE for Obama now. Of course most like my family will just not VOTE at all now but that is better then them VOTING for this idiot.

Don't worry

Mitt the Twit will come up with an even more crazy scheme tomorrow that will top this one so people won't be talking about this video anymore. This seems to be his line of thinking. If he digs himself into a hole instead of trying to crawl out he just digs a deeper one right next to it.

I said it before

and I will say it again... This is better then the MOVIES! Everyday just about something amazingly stupid slimes it's way out of Rmoney's campaign.
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