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Profile Information

Name: Kristen Wells
Gender: Female
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.
Home country: United States
Current location: Greensboro, N.C.
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 07:07 PM
Number of posts: 742

About Me

Hi, I am Kristen, 25 from North Carolina, also on Twitter @ravengirlnc If you are not a Russia Bot then please feel free to friend me there and I will friend back for sure!

Journal Archives


Okays, I will share. But I get him 51 and a 1/2 weeks. You can have the rest of the year after that.

But the numbers are wrong!

The President is cooking the books!

Freepers Meltdown is a beautiful thing!

CNN right now is trying to make the numbers look suspicious and false, what a load of shit!


I see lost of republicans on message boards around the net are freaking out over this and saying this is the last straw and saying they are just not voting now or are just going to vote for Obama. I hope all these claims I am seeing are true.


I would have more respect for this guy if he just came out and said YES, this is how I feel and I will not apologize for it. At least make a stand on something - be it bad or good. I can not think of one single thing this guy has said that he has stuck with? No Democrat from this point on should ever be accused again of not sticking with their positions when the GOP and the Repugs have themselves produced the King of KINGS of the flip-floppers.

Short live the KING! Hooray!

November 6th can not get here soon enough...

I agree with this

and I am so proud of my President last night. I think he just chilled out and let Twit Witt hang himself. I saw nothing wrong with it at all.

I very much disagree with that...

Like I said on another thread I think Obama was letting Rmoney hang himself last night. As the saying goes, "Never interrupt your enemy while they are making mistakes." It seems to have worked because all people are talking about today is all the lies and how much of an ass Mitt came off as last night.

Hahaha, that is funny because I told my friends 7 year old sister today

that Mitt Rmoney wanted to kill Big Bird and she started crying uncontrollably. It took me a good 15 mins to get her to calm down. I think MittWitt lost her vote today...lmao!

Very awesome!

And I am so glad to be one of those people who helped out. I am a poor student with a low paying job but it was worth every penny to me to help beat Twit Rmoney. No way can we let this ass be President.

Mitt definitely lost last night!

Truth be told he lost it a long time ago... lol

I am so proud of my President

I finally got to see the debate

from last night. I had to work and couldn't get off and then had school today.

I think President Obama did a great job. All I am hearing today is that Mitt the Twit just lied then entire time. How is that going to be looked upon positively by anyone other then the brain dead drones that follow this fool? I forgot which famous person said this as I am not to good with history or names but the saying goes, "Never interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes." I believe this is the strategy that President Obama was using last night. Rmoney came off as being rude, hyper, out of control and people saw through his lies and his clown act of pulling "facts" and so called "plans" out of his ass last night. We had a discussion about the debate in school today. I couldn't follow it to well since I did not have a chance to see it till now but pretty much everyone in my class agreed that Rmoney was a pompous jerk who just thinks he is DUE to become President / he doesn't have to earn it by earning the people of America's respect.
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