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Profile Information

Name: Kristen Wells
Gender: Female
Hometown: Greensboro, N.C.
Home country: United States
Current location: Greensboro, N.C.
Member since: Mon Sep 3, 2012, 07:07 PM
Number of posts: 742

About Me

Hi, I am Kristen, 25 from North Carolina, also on Twitter @ravengirlnc If you are not a Russia Bot then please feel free to friend me there and I will friend back for sure!

Journal Archives


It's the Ambiguously Gay Duo! ...From Saturday Night Live ...Right? Oh wait, these are real people?

We still

need to get out to VOTE! Yes it is probably in the bag especially what happened today but please GOTY and get your friends and family members to VOTE. Unless they want to vote for Rmoney then just ignore them or flatten their tires... hehehe

I bet he is still smirking...

Because he is too stupid to understand the fallout of his actions. He truly thinks he just one-upped President Obama. lmao


Even my Republican mother who supports this asshat said it was disrespectful and nasty of Rmoney to make such a comment and she is seriously thinking about just not voting this November. I am sure dad will drag her to the polls tho but I would rather they just stay the hell home.

This is the best entertainment on earth

just about. Every day I come home from school I get on here to read the latest fuck-up of the day from Rmoney (sometimes many fuck-ups in one day!) and he just gets worse and worse each time. I can not wait for the debates this is better then any reality show on TV and I love trolling the teaparty forums to see them justify and distort all these Rmoney goofs into something imaginably positive that they can tell themselves in order not to have their tiny little minds blow up

By the way I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of the deaths of those people and feel so terrible for their family and friends. It is not really a laughing matter I know and I can't believe how they are trying to calm things down over there but Rmoney is so thick as to try to stir shit up again with his thoughtless remarks. He is truly a bastard!

As long as we VOTE

then I do not think we have anything to worry about. Yes they will try every dirty trick in the book and they will be stealing votes but if we all get out and vote, take other people to the polls that have trouble getting out or don't have a ride then they can't possibly steal every vote. We out number them, I have no doubt about it as long as we get off our asses and VOTE!

Hey ya'll!

Wow, I didn't even know this place had a North Carolina or places board till now, very cool! Just wanted to say hello to my fellow North Carolinian's.


I can't wait to show my republican parents this. Their little repug minds are going to explode.

North Carolina

I thinks...

Depression setting in for Conservative idiots.

Hi all, I just had to post this. I really feel bad for these people who are commenting down below - here is a few snip-its of their depressive ti-raids being posted at the site below... hehehe

"I've been looking at the poll numbers and I've been depressed all day. I thought that's it they've won. They'll never lose now. I want to thank you and Rush for the pep talk. "

"The poll numbers continue to be heavily weighted with higher democrat and women likely voters. They're rubbish. LSM says zero is up 5 points in Ohio - actually, it's Romney who is up. Have a look here if you want more encouragement, Martha, and hang in there!"

"Yeah, all the polls are weighted heavily on the Democrat side. Supposedly because nearly 2/3 of the country identify themselves as Democrat so they reflect that balance in the polls. I don't believe that high of a percentage is Democrat."

"Thank you Rush for talking me down from the ledge. In my heart I know these polls are complete garbage but man, I needed this!"

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