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Name: Don
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Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 02:28 PM
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Trump Hotel guests received a complimentary USA Today declaring Trump unfit for the presidency

The front page of Friday’s edition featured a tease of the editorial, with the headline “TRUMP UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY.”

Andrew Kaczynski
BuzzFeed News Reporter

Nathaniel Meyersohn
BuzzFeed Intern


Guests at several of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s hotels woke up to a complimentary copy of USA Today’s blistering editorial that concluded Trump was “unfit” to be president.

The newspaper’s editorial board weighed in on the presidential race for the first time in its history — declaring Trump “unfit for the presidency” by “unanimous consensus.”

Representatives for four Trump-branded hotels — Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York, Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, and Trump Doral in Miami — told BuzzFeed News that guests are provided a complimentary copy of the paper. The front page of Friday’s edition featured a tease of the editorial, with the headline “TRUMP UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY.”

At two properties, Trump Waikiki in Hawaii and Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, the newspaper is sold at the property in the hotel shop. A representative for Trump SoHo said they offered a copy for a fee.



Christie Aides Reportedly Planned to Use 9/11 Artifacts as ‘Assets’ in His 2016 Campaign

by Josh Feldman | 2:25 pm, October 1st, 2016

As the Bridgegate trial continues, people close to Chris Christie are revealing some interesting details about their behind-the-scenes operations and some plans they had for the New Jersey governor’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential bid.

According to The New York Times, Christie aides saw certain opportunities that the Port Authority could help them with in his campaign:

They saw the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and its resources — money, jobs, symbolic artifacts from the wreckage of the World Trade Center after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks — as assets that could be traded for endorsements and support in both campaigns.

David Wildstein, a former Port Authority official close to Christie, actually said in court, “Just to be clear, at some point hundreds of flags flown over the WTC will find their way to VFW’s all through Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina… I was conveying to Mr. Stepien that the flags that could be used to the governor’s political advantage in New Jersey could be used in those three states.”



Trump Attorney Fires Back After ‘Jane Doe’ Refiles Rape Lawsuit with New Witness

Source: LawNewz

by Alberto Luperon | 1:29 pm, October 1st, 2016

Two weeks ago, “Jane Doe” dismissed her rape lawsuit against Donald Trump and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but promised to refile. It happened on Friday. She and her attorney brought forward an amended complaint to The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. This one includes a new witness.

The original lawsuit claimed Trump raped the then-13-year-old plaintiff in the 1990s. There was also a second anonymous woman, known as “Tiffany Doe.” She said that Epstein had her pickup teenage girls for his parties. One of these girls was Jane, and Tiffany said she witnessed Trump and Epstein rape the plaintiff several times.

The new complaint adds a third woman. She’s known in court documents as “Joan Doe.”

“In the 1994-95 school year, I was told by the plaintiff in Jane Doe v. Trump and Epstein (1:16-cv-04642, SDNY) that the plaintiff was subject to sexual contact by the Defendants at parties in New York City during the summer of 1994,” her declaration states.


Read more: http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/trump-team-fires-back-after-jane-doe-refiles-rape-lawsuit-with-new-witness/

‘Apples to apples’: Advocate claims Trump calling woman the ‘c-word’ is like Hillary’s ‘deplorables’

01 OCT 2016 AT 11:40 ET

An advocate for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump spent her time on MSNBC Saturday morning attempting to spin the avalanche of misogyny that pours out of Donald Trump’s mouth with Hillary Clinton more polished comments, calling them “apples to apples” Along the way, she said Trump calling a reporter the “c-word” was no different than Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment.

Appearing on AM Joy, Latinas for Trump founder Ileana Garcia seemed ill -prepared to discuss Trump’s ongoing problems with both women and the Latino community and attempted to dismiss the ongoing controversy overt the fat- and slut-shaming of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Explaining that she is more interested in economic issues, Garcia said, “I try to cut through the fat and go straight to it, he’s obviously a very transparent person. He has vulnerable moments, he’s not the most politically correct person. It’s not that I’m justifying him, I’m explaining to you how I feel as I watch it.”

Host Reid brought her back to Trump talking about women, asking her if she was a parent and if she “felt comfortable” with Trump comments about women.



Trump Pressured Second Wife to Pose Nude for Playboy

Source: Talking Points Memo

By JOSH MARSHALL Published OCTOBER 1, 2016, 2:37 PM EDT

In a totally unexpected development, we learn today that back in the early 90s Donald Trump pressured his then-girlfriend, future wife and future ex-wife to pose nude in Playboy. Trump even negotiated a mega payday for the nude photo shoot. In the end, Maples refused.

From the early 90s New York Daily News ...

"Notably, she did resist Trump's insistence that she accept Playboy magazine's million-dollar centerfold offer. "Trump himself was on the phone negotiating the fee," remembers a top Playboy editor. "He wanted her to do the nude layout. She didn't." ("I'm thankful for my body, but I didn't want to exploit it," Marla offers. "How would I ever be taken seriously."



Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/trump-pressured-second-wife-to-pose-nude-for-playboy

Trump Praised Saudi Arabia's Shariah Law for Making It Easy for Men to Get Divorced

He took the Fifth 97 times during his own messy divorce.

PEMA LEVY SEP. 30, 2016 4:12 PM

In order to avoid admitting to cheating on his wife, Donald Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination 97 times during his divorce proceedings with Ivana Trump in 1990, the Huffington Post reported Friday. So it should come as little surprise that Trump had kind words for a system that allows men to divorce their wives without going to court: Saudi Arabia's Shariah law.

The Republican presidential candidate praised the Islamic law, or Shariah, system during a 60-second syndicated daily radio commentary called "Trumped!" that he recorded from 2004 to 2008. In a January 2008 segment, Trump discussed a news story of a Saudi man who had divorced his wife for watching a television show while alone at home because, in Trump's telling, the husband considered it tantamount to being alone with a strange man.

"Men in Saudi Arabia have the authority to divorce their wives without going to the courts," Trump said. "I guess that would also mean they don't need prenuptial agreements. The fact is, no courts, no judges—Saudi Arabia sounds like a very good place to get a divorce."

BuzzFeed first uncovered the show and its website in March, and the Wall Street Journal published some audio and transcripts in July. According to BuzzFeed, stations that still have an archive of the shows cannot release the audio without Trump's permission.



Trump Diversity Leader: Journalists Would Have Kept Slaves Enslaved in Early America

Brunell Donald-Kyei is the vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and she appeared on Breitbart News Daily today, where she spoke at length about being disillusioned over President Barack Obama‘s hope and change and putting America first.

She also spoke about the media. Here’s what she said:

Imagine if, during slavery, and during the civil rights movement, and during the times when our country, the Framers, were coming about, thinking they were going to make our country free. Imagine if the journalists only told one side of the story. We would still be slaves. Black people would still be slaves, if journalists, if people were not neutral, and didn’t just tell the news the way it was.

And so that’s when you know our country is in trouble. When you have journalists, who are supposed to be neutral, who are supposed to be sort of the voice of the people, who are the voice of the elitists, of the establishment, of the people who want to continue to control the 99 percent of us – that scared me to death, when I realized that our media is actually picking a side.



Missouri Senate Race Suddenly Close

“Fueled by tightening polls and an attention-grabbing TV ad in which he assembles an AR-15 rifle blindfolded, Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Jason Kander is newly confident he can unseat incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The suddenly close race has both Democratic and Republican groups outside the state pouring money into this onetime GOP stronghold as it becomes an increasingly competitive battleground in the fight for control of the U.S. Senate.”



Schilling Says He Wants to Challenge Warren

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling says that he’s “serious” about mounting a 2018 challenge to unseat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Politico reports.

Said Schilling: “Oh, I’m serious about it. If I’m not electable, then I won’t get elected but I believe being a senator, being a governor, being in public office is about being a leader.”

He also derided Hillary Clinton: “I don’t understand how Hillary’s an option, much less the candidate. I don’t understand how she’s not in jail.”



Trump Points to Establishment Conspiracy

“As Donald Trump’s campaign works to drive a sharper message down the home stretch, the GOP nominee is increasingly invoking the specter of a conspiracy by big corporations, media companies and donors to elect Hillary Clinton,” Politico reports.

“The warnings, coming in scripted and sometimes personal attack lines in nearly every recent speech, are largely geared towards mobilizing Trump’s base of disaffected white working class voters, according to a campaign official.”


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