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Name: Don
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Greenfield, MA
Member since: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 03:28 PM
Number of posts: 46,866

About Me

Since 1995, a year after I was forced into a very early retirement due to Multiple Sclerosis, I have owned and operated a daily newsgathering service out of my home, for a clientele comprised of TV newscasters, Op-Ed columnists, book authors, a national wire-service and some online publications. I post many of the news articles I gather, here on DU. I also post news articles and Op-Eds written/reported/authored by my list of subscribers/clientele.

Journal Archives

Limbaugh: Hillary's 'Only And Greatest Achievement' Is 'Being Female'


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday said that Hillary Clinton's "only and greatest achievement" is that she's a woman, and that's why many Democrats are eager for her to run for president.

During his show, Limbaugh discussed a recent video in which young people excited about the possibility of Clinton running struggled to name any of her concrete achievements as secretary of state.

“These people readily acknowledge that they don’t know anything about — they can’t name one achievement," he said. "And yet they are enthusiastic about her becoming President. And you know why? Because she would be the first woman."

He then launched into an argument that Democrats are focused on electing a someone who's part of a minority group as President because he or she will be immune to criticism.

"One of the reasons why Mrs. Clinton is back in the mix is because of gender. And if it isn't Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats are going to go for an Hispanic, because they see what they have pulled off here with Obama," he argued. "The first African-American President — beyond criticism. You can't criticize anything, you can't chronicle his failures, you can't do anything because you're being racist. And the Democrats have learned this."


Obamacare Caused This Clinic To Close, And Its Doctors Couldn't Be Happier

DYLAN SCOTT – MAY 16, 2014, 6:00 AM EDT

On the last Wednesday in January, the RotaCare Tacoma free clinic in Washington state put away the chairs in the university janitor's lunchroom where it had made its home and closed its doors for the last time.

The clinic, served by volunteer physicians and registered nurses, had carried 150 patients at any given time to serve the uninsured population in this city of about 200,000. But after Obamacare took full effect in January, and this clinic completed its drive to enroll of its patients in coverage, it didn't have anyone left to serve.

So they shut down at the end of January, the first month that health coverage under Obamacare kicked in. The people who worked there don't seem too torn up about it.

"It happened very quickly. We had to start telling our providers not to come because we didn't have enough patients," Mary Hoagland-Scher, a Tacoma family practitioner who served as the clinic's medical director, told TPM. "It just dried up. Poof."

That makes RotaCare Tacoma an unusual case, but not an entirely unique one. Free clinic directors in Iowa and Ohio said they haven't seen anything like it on a systematic level. But there is the story of a free clinic in Medina, Ark., which closed in April after seeing its number dwindle from 300 to 80 to three as people obtained coverage through Obamacare in the first three months of 2014.


Conservatives seek to regain control of Republican agenda

By Robert Costa

Although many Republicans are optimistic about their chances in this year’s elections, some of Washington’s leading conservatives gathered Thursday to privately vent frustrations about what kind of party they will be left with after November.

The group, alarmed by a resurgence of the GOP establishment in recent primaries and what activists view as a softened message, drafted demands to be shared with senior lawmakers calling on the party to “recommit” to bedrock principles.

Some of those principles laid out in the new document — strict opposition to illegal immigration, same-sex marriage and abortion — represent the hot-button positions that many Republican congressional candidates are trying to avoid as the party attempts to broaden its appeal.

Several attendees said they fear that elected Republicans, even if they succeed in retaining control of the House and winning the Senate majority, would cast aside the core conservative base.


It’s Perfectly Logical to Oppose Abortion and Support Gay Marriage

By Mark Joseph Stern

To my mind, it has always seemed perfectly consistent to support gay marriage but oppose abortion. I don’t personally agree with the distinction at the heart of this dichotomy, but it’s still a pretty rational one: You can support gay marriage because you believe in the dignity and equality of all human life—and oppose abortion for the same stated reasons. Besides, married gay couples will very rarely need abortions, whereas gay people pressured into straight relationships can and do. For the anti-abortion crowd, gay marriage should be a win-win.

On Thursday, however, Carson Holloway of the archly conservative Witherspoon Institute penned a firm counterpoint to my assumption, proclaiming an unbreakable link between opposition to both abortion and gay marriage. Holloway’s argument is admirably simple. The constitutional right to abortion is based on a modern interpretation of the 14th Amendment, and so is the constitutional right of gay people to marry. According to Holloway, then, opposing the right to abortion necessarily means opposing the right to gay marriage. The two issues, as Justice Antonin Scalia might put it, “spring forth from the same diseased root”—an equality-minded interpretation of an opaque yet expansive text. They thus cannot logically be severed.

If every American’s support for gay rights sprang directly and exclusively from their personal interpretation of the 14th Amendment, then I guess Holloway would be correct. But of course, support for marriage equality goes far beyond constitutional exegesis: It is entirely possible to support gay marriage in principle without believing that the constitution commands its legalization nationwide. Even President Barack Obama seemed to strike this pose when he first endorsed marriage equality, though he has since quietly abandoned it.

Holloway ignores this counterpoint entirely, insisting instead that gay marriage and abortion are intrinsically linked due to this single fairly arbitrary connection. In his polemic, he claims that “the Republican Party cannot surrender the cause of marriage ... without also in practice surrendering the cause of life,” because “a Republican Party that gives up the fight against judicial activism in order to make peace with same-sex marriage will also be surrendering the fight for a constitutional order more protective of the right to life.” But if you remove the judicial activism component from this equation—by, for instance, supporting gay marriage by referendum or legislation, exclusively on the state level—then the whole edifice crumbles.


TV Host Explains Why She Stormed Off Set Over Michael Sam's Kiss

TOM KLUDT – MAY 15, 2014, 2:05 PM EDT

It was all hunky-dory on Wednesday's edition of "The Broadcast," Dallas's local answer to "The View."

A day earlier, co-host Amy Kushnir expressed revulsion toward NFL draftee Michael Sam's televised kiss with his boyfriend, and she grew frustrated with her more gay-friendly co-hosts. Near the end of the nine-minute discussion, which was littered with memorable and quotable moments, Kushnir abruptly walked off set, shouting "I'm gonna go to Midland."

Lisa Pineiro, who disagreed with Kushnir's take on Sam, told viewers Wednesday that moments like that are just what make "The Broadcast" such compelling television.

"I just want to say that this is what our show is about and it's why I think the show has resonated with so many people because everybody represents, you know, a different perspective, different point of view," Pineiro said.


What Michael Sam's Kiss Means For The Most Invisible: Black AND Gay


In an act of unadulterated joy, Michael Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, shared a kiss that has since eclipsed the actual reason for their celebration: The NFL’s St. Louis Rams drafting Sam, effectively making him the league’s first openly gay player.

Reaction to the kiss can be summed up in three words: shock, awe, and, for some, dismay. That it took an unsigned college football player, a few basketball players (NBA’s Jason Collins and WNBA’s Brittney Griner), and a kiss to show that there are black LGBTs who falsify existing stereotypes of the effeminate gay and the masculine lesbian athlete should be the true shock.

The reason for all the hubbub is that Michael Sam's athletic success, his sport of choice, and his kiss shatter common assumptions about LGBT Americans.

In my research on the lived experiences of urban black gay and lesbian Americans, I have found this point especially key. While many black gay men identify strongly with a racial identity over their sexual orientation, others, like Sam, resist this hierarchy.


Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women

Welcome to the dark side of America's war over guns.

—By Mark Follman | Thu May 15, 2014 6:00 AM EDT

AS JENNIFER LONGDON STEERED her wheelchair through the Indianapolis airport on April 25, she thought the roughest part of her trip was over. Earlier that day she'd participated in an emotional press conference with the new group Everytown for Gun Safety, against the backdrop of the National Rifle Association's annual meeting. A mom, gun owner, and Second Amendment supporter, Longdon was paralyzed in 2004 after being shot in her car by unknown assailants, and has since been a vocal advocate for comprehensive background checks and other gun reforms.

As Longdon sat waiting for her flight, a screen in the concourse showed footage of the press conference. A tall, thin man standing nearby stared at Longdon, then back at the screen. Then he walked up to Longdon and spat in her face. No one else blinked.

Longdon was shocked and embarrassed, she told me, but she didn't falter. "Wow, aren't you a big man," she said as he turned and walked away. Instead of calling for security, she wheeled herself to a restroom to clean herself off. She was tired—she lives with constant physical pain—and didn’t want to miss her flight.

"Should I have done something more? Quite honestly, in the scheme of things it was a little man and a little moment," she said. "He felt to me like a coward and a bully."


Ex-Navy chaplain tells transgender girl: ‘Man up’ or get a ‘spanking’ and an exorcism

By David Edwards
Thursday, May 15, 2014 14:32 EDT

A Navy chaplain who turned to Internet evangelism after being court martialed said this week that a transgender girl should “man up” or face a spanking and an exorcism to rid her body of demons.

On the Wednesday broadcast of his Pray in Jesus Name show, Dr. “Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt expressed his outraged at a recent Maine Supreme Court ruling that said a transgender girl should be able to use the school bathroom that corresponded to her gender.

“Little girls should not be exposed to little boy parts!” Klingenschmitt explained. “Talk about mental health problems. The mental health problem is in the child who’s confused.”

The Pray in Jesus Name host argued that since the transgender girl had an identical twin brother, that she couldn’t possibly identify with another gender.

“So for one of them to suddenly start dressing like a girl, it’s not just a choice, but it’s a demonic spirit,” he opined. “It’s easy to say that one of those two boys is possessed by a demon.”

“And really what the parents ought to do is take that boy to an exorcist, take that boy to a minister. Or at least, discipline the boy. Maybe give him a spanking.”

Klingenschmitt said that the parents should also dress the girl like a boy, and tell her, “Too bad, son, you’re a boy, you gotta man up.”

In closing, he prayed that the “demonic spirit” to be defeated so that the Maine Supreme Court justices and all of society could see that the transgender girl was an “abomination.”

Watch the video below from Pray in Jesus Name, broadcast May 14, 2014.



Posted with permission

Chris Christie update: Former top aide says guv’s lying about Bridgegate

Also: Christie says the scandal won't matter in 2016 and explains why he doesn't want to run against Jeb Bush



Here’s an update on the latest Christie news:

* Former Christie campaign manager Bill Stepien is now claiming, through his lawyer, that Christie’s self-exonerating “investigation” into Bridgegate is dishonest and portrays Stepien as more culpable — and Christie as less knowledgeable — than was really the case. While Christie has repeatedly insisted that nobody on his staff told him about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge until the story went national, Stepien says that that’s not true and that he told Christie about the traffic snarl a day before Christie went before the press and said his staff was unaware of the incident.

* The Star-Ledger has a new editorial blasting Christie for “well-timed … amnesia” on the Bridgegate issue and notes that Christie has often “forgotten” conversations that contradict his narrative.

* Nevertheless, Christie seems unfazed by Bridgegate and said on Wednesday that he expects it to have no impact whatsoever on his 2016 chances. Asked whether he thinks Bridgegate will have an impact on his presidential hopes, Christie said, ”I think it will have none, because I didn’t do anything.” He downplayed the importance of the incident and mocked the media for giving it so much attention.

* Asked whether he’d be unhappy about running against former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2016, Christie said that he would, because he considers Bush a friend. “It would be stressful because I consider Jeb a friend. And he’s been a wonderful friend to me,” Christie said. “You like to run against people that you don’t like.”

* In more policy-oriented news, Moody’s has downgraded New Jersey’s debt and announced concerns over the state’s lackluster economic growth. It’s the sixth downgrade since Christie became governor and the third just this year. Christie is to some degree blaming unspecified economic advisors, who, he says, gave him bad projections about the state’s fiscal future.


Pat Robertson Advises Christian Woman Not To Be An 'Enabler' By Accepting Lesbian Niece

Pat Robertson offered some eyebrow-raising advice to a Christian woman who said she was struggling over how to come to terms with her niece, who recently came out as gay, on "The 700 Club" this week.

The conservative televangelist, who is known for his opposition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) causes, told the woman that she should not accept her niece's lifestyle, and suggested that doing so would make her an "enabler," according to Right Wing Watch.

"The last thing you want to be is judgmental, but at the same time, you want to be loving and warm and let them know that you love them," he said. "If [your niece and her partner] are living together ... and you’re a Christian, you cannot say, 'I accept this lifestyle.'”

He went on to note, "Right now there’s an incredible barrage of activity forcing people to accept the homosexual lifestyle ... do we accept adultery? Do we accept fornication? Do we accept immorality?”