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Name: Don
Gender: Male
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: United States
Current location: Greenfield
Member since: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 02:28 PM
Number of posts: 57,726

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Journal Archives

More than 6 million immigrants could be deported under latest Trump plan

PHOENIX — Donald Trump’s latest deportation priorities could target more than six million individuals for immediate removal, according to a Washington Post analysis. If elected president, he said Wednesday that his administration would also seek to bolster staffers devoted to immigration enforcement.

After weeks of opaque public statements regarding his stance on mass deportations, Trump spelled out hard-line immigration priorities in a fiery speech here in Phoenix. He not only called for removing all undocumented immigrants who had committed crimes, but also said he would prioritize those who have overstayed their visas for deportation.

The GOP presidential nominee also said he would triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and create a “new special deportation task force” to track the most serious security threats.

Together, those proposals represented his most specific comments on deportation policy — and they pointed to a massive undertaking.



Mexicans are angry at their own president for meeting with Trump

A vendor adjusts a piñata in the image of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on March 2 in Tijuana, Mexico.

By Joshua Partlow and Gabriela Martinez August 31 at 9:40 PM

MEXICO CITY — Side by side, a lone Mexican flag behind them, the men stood, one of the most unlikely political pairs imaginable.

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee who has built his campaign around blaming Mexicans for the loss of American jobs and safety; and President Enrique Peña Nieto, the unpopular Mexican leader who stunned his country, and even members of his government, by extending an invitation to Trump for a visit.

In the end, neither man chose to fuel the cross-border shouting match that Trump’s campaign launched a year ago — a result that probably favored Trump. Many Mexicans had hoped their president would demand an apology or forcefully reject Trump’s plans to build a border wall (and make Mexico pay for it), deport millions and weaken trade ties between the neighbors.

Instead, Peña Nieto played the role of professor-in-chief, listing economic statistics about the mutually beneficial U.S.-Mexico relationship, while a reserved, almost somber Trump announced that he had made a new “friend.” The Republican candidate still, however, got in some jabs about how they did not have a chance to discuss “who pays for the wall.”

Mexicans were outraged to learn that Trump had been invited to visit Mexico, and the news conference Wednesday struck many here as disappointing. After months of bearing the brunt of Trump’s attacks, Mexicans found Peña Nieto’s performance a letdown.



WaPo Editorial:Clinton just made a very important announcement and hardly anyone is talking about it

By Editorial Board August 31 at 7:03 PM

HILLARY CLINTON made one of the most consequential announcements of her campaign on Monday — and hardly anyone is talking about it. The Democratic presidential nominee released a wide-ranging mental-health strategy — and, unlike much of what she has proposed this election season, it has a real chance of becoming law.

Congress has over the past several years put serious effort into reforming the federal government’s mental-health efforts, producing — but not yet passing — a slew of bills with bipartisan backing. This is one of the few issues on which lawmakers may be able to agree, even in a severely divided Washington, over the coming months. The House, in fact, has already passed a bill. Ideally, the Senate would pass its own reform before next year. But, if lawmakers fail to send a bill to President Obama — always a high likelihood given Congress’s slow pace — the next president should enter the policy debate, pressing for lawmakers to finally pass something. In the process, the next president would undoubtedly leave an imprint.

Good thing, then, that Ms. Clinton and the lawmakers most seriously working on these issues agree on many worthwhile things. First and foremost is treating mental health with the same priority as physical health. That means removing old payment systems that shortchanged mental-health care and using the federal government’s role as a major payer in the health industry to encourage integrating mental-health care into medical practices.

The big-ticket item in Ms. Clinton’s plan is $5 billion for community health centers providing substance abuse and mental-health treatment as well as traditional medical care, which jibes with elements of reform initiatives emerging from Congress. To address a shortage of mental-health professionals, meanwhile, she would smartly encourage telemedicine, among other things. Ms. Clinton also proposed pumping up the budget for basic scientific research, some of which would be diverted into studying the brain. Aside and apart from the debate over mental health, Democrats and Republicans have often been able to agree on funding basic research such as this.



Anti-Immigrant Hardliners, White Nationalists Adored Trump's Speech

The version of Donald Trump best loved by his base was on full display during his Wednesday night speech in Phoenix, Arizona. With pledges that Mexico will pay for a U.S.-Mexico border wall “100 percent,” every undocumented immigrant in the country will be deported, and sanctuary cities will no longer exist, Trump’s speech read as an anti-immigrant activist’s wish list.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity said the one-two punch of the GOP nominee’s impromptu trip to Mexico and immigration speech amounted to “the best day of his campaign.”

Other diehard supporters, including conservative media personalities, white nationalists, and alt-right Twitter activists, took to social media to express their approval.

Jared Taylor, head of white nationalist publication American Renaissance:

Jared Taylor

#TrumpAZ Hell of a speech. Almost perfect. Logical, deeply felt, and powerfully delivered. Now watch how the media twists it.

10:45 PM - 31 Aug 2016
635 Retweets 1,306 likes

Jared Taylor

#TrumpAZ Donald Trump has tied our foolish immigration policies to every problem we have. This is a epochal, historic, unprecedented.

10:49 PM - 31 Aug 2016
90 Retweets 184 likes


David Duke

Excellent speech by Donald Trump tonight. Deport criminal aliens, end catch and release, enforce immigration laws & America First.

10:48 PM - 31 Aug 2016
895 Retweets 522 likes



Trump Staff in Secret Conservative Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center acquired a membership directory for the Council of National Policy, an ultra-secret conservative group, and Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and his campaign CEO Steve Bannon were listed as members. The directory is for 2014 and indicates that Conway was a member of the executive committee that year and Bannon was listed as a regular member. Neither official responded to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.

The secretive organization was described as wanting to be the conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations and it is home to a number of individuals with fringe beliefs, including World Net Daily writer Jerome Corsi, a popular figure in the Obama “birther” movement.

“I don’t know if they are still involved or not,” Corsi said of Conway and Bannon in a phone interview with The Daily Beast. “I don’t really know either one. I think I’ve spoken to Steve Bannon a couple times on the phone. I don’t think I’ve ever even met Kellyanne.” Joseph Farah, the founder of WND, is also a member. He did not respond to questions about Bannon and Conway via email. Matthew Staver, the leader of Liberty Counsel who compared marriage equality to forced sterilization, is also part of the organization.

Interestingly enough, as The Daily Beast previously reported, the Council for National Policy endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican primary and one of its loose affiliates, Conservatives of Faith was sought out for a March meeting to devise a plan to dump Trump.



Trump Visit to Mexico a Result of Subtle Groundwork: Sources

Source: NBC News


Donald Trump's visit to Mexico was not hastily put together, but the result of a couple of weeks of closely guarded work, sources close to the campaign told NBC News.

Trump insiders quietly reached out to officials in Mexico with the goal being to prompt an invitation from President Enrique Peña Nieto to meet Trump in person, the sources said.

Peña Nieto said he invited both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to visit. Trump met with Peña Nieto Wednesday, in a visit hours before Trump's speech on immigration in Arizona.

Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner led the effort to secure a meeting, the sources said. With receptive signals coming back from Mexico, Team Trump waited for the formal invitation they had set in motion. Following decorum, Mexican officials extended an invitation to Hillary Clinton as well.


Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/trump-visit-mexico-was-result-weeks-work-sources-n640941

Top Trump Supporters Bust Out 'Make Mexico Great Again Also' Hats

Source: Talking Points Memo

By DAVID KURTZ Published AUGUST 31, 2016, 9:41 PM EDT

Eagle-eyed viewers watching the introductions to Donald Trump's big immigration speech Wednesday evening may have caught it.

As they addressed the crowd in Phoenix, top Trump supporters Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) donned sparkling white baseball caps with the campaign's newest slogan: "Make Mexico Great Again Also."




Rudy Giuliani & Sen. Jeff Sessions wear "Make Mexico Great Again Also" hat prior to Trump #immigration speech.

9:23 PM - 31 Aug 2016

346 Retweets 236 likes


Read more: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/trump-surrogates-bust-out-make-mexico-great-again-also-hats
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