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Profile Information

Name: Mark
Gender: Male
Hometown: Omaha, Ne
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 02:56 AM
Number of posts: 10,568

About Me

I am just someone who believes in treating others with respect and give those who need help a hand. I don't like it when other peolple think they are better than me. I feel God made us all the same. I know there are different types of people, just like democrates and republicans, but I do think that the republicans use their platform to show they are better than us. I am a catholic, who is against abortion, but know I that can not tell a woman what she can do or not do. I am for gun rights, but against guns that can shoot 4 or more rounds at once. I live life as it comes, but always look to make it better for tomorrow.

Journal Archives

Did Trump say "we are the laughing stock of the world"?

He was right about that one! He has made the “laughing stock of the world”! t
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon May 18, 2020, 06:53 PM (10 replies)

Boy, the latenight comedians and SNL gonna have fun with Trump and his imaginary friend Chloroquine?

Gonna have watch to see what they come up with!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon May 18, 2020, 06:37 PM (4 replies)

Maybe Trump thinks chloroquine will prevent him from getting MELANIA?

I mean Malaria?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon May 18, 2020, 06:07 PM (1 replies)




Bright lights?

Trump will say it was sarcasm and he knows that these don’t work!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon May 18, 2020, 05:13 PM (1 replies)

"The Chloroquine President"!

This is in reference to Trump claiming he takes chloroquine and has been for weeks! I just wonder if he has already gone the the supplies they stock up on?

What an absolute pathetic moron!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon May 18, 2020, 05:00 PM (6 replies)

Eric Trump say his father has been the most popular president ever!

Wrong again! It is not even close! Obama is and was the most popular president ever!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon May 18, 2020, 10:13 AM (24 replies)

Trump calls Obama incompetent?

Trump likes using the words describe himself best, but tries to insult everyone around him!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun May 17, 2020, 09:03 PM (14 replies)

Trump says that the "Russian Probe" was a political crime!

And he surely knew that when he was probed by the Russians? The more he speaks the dumber he gets!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun May 17, 2020, 08:42 PM (5 replies)

WTF, is wrong with this statement from Afar?

“I blame the COVID-19 death toll on Americans’ poor health issues”!

How stupid are these people? What about those stories of people were perfectly healthy? I don’t blame anyone, I do blame Trump and his administration for not acting sooner! That statement is moronic and sounds like something Trump told Azar to say!?!?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun May 17, 2020, 07:09 PM (10 replies)

My mother keeps asking why can't they do anything to stop Trump?

We talked for about an hour tonight and I told her that I don’t know what they can do? She will be 83 years old this December and she is scared that he will stop pension from the Post Office also take my late father social security away too! She is doing okay for the most part and I help her out by paying her rent since I stay there when I take time off from work also I pay a few other bills for her. I wish I had the answers for her, but we both agree to pray that Biden will win! With me being on the road and her living by her, she afraid of will happen if Biden doesn’t win, but so am I! I am afraid for the whole country too! Trump has played his base into believing his con man act is the best way to save our country, but they are blinded by his greed! This includes many of sisters and brothers! Lord helps all!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat May 16, 2020, 11:08 PM (0 replies)
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