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Profile Information

Name: Mark
Gender: Male
Hometown: Omaha, Ne
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 01:56 AM
Number of posts: 10,293

About Me

I am just someone who believes in treating others with respect and give those who need help a hand. I don't like it when other peolple think they are better than me. I feel God made us all the same. I know there are different types of people, just like democrates and republicans, but I do think that the republicans use their platform to show they are better than us. I am a catholic, who is against abortion, but know I that can not tell a woman what she can do or not do. I am for gun rights, but against guns that can shoot 4 or more rounds at once. I live life as it comes, but always look to make it better for tomorrow.

Journal Archives

Is Trump that stupid or he is an expert in disguise?

I think he is playing those who believe in him for fools and doing the stupid things just to stay relevant in the news & then he can claim the media does not like him?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat Aug 26, 2017, 02:22 PM (8 replies)

I wonder if Ann Clouter is happy with Trump?

I heard her a few days ago, spouting off about how he had fired up his base, but she was waiting for a courageous thing from Trump to get back on her good side for good! Pardoning Arpaio should have tickled her "whatever" fancy?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat Aug 26, 2017, 02:07 PM (9 replies)

Where has our country gone?

So much hatred for one another that this country has no unity anymore. No, it was not Trump who started this, but he has magnified it to an extreme level where unity will never be part of our great country. The violence, the craziness and the hatred has pushed our country into an abyss. Yes, we have to learn from, but will those who have extreme views come to their senses? Probably not? We have a president who pardons people before they are even sentenced, which make makes a mockery of our judicial systems. We are told that we have no recourse for stopping a man who wants have is own government, run by is own family and own people. Yes, we do have a recourse, and it is called Congress and the Senate. It high time that these people do their jobs that we ELECTED them to do and begin to take our back from this monarchy pushing idiot. We need to have our voices heard and we will succeed, some day. Our country begs for normalcy and we should demand it. Those who fought and gave their lives to defend our independence, deserves better. Thank you letting me vent some more.
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat Aug 26, 2017, 09:12 AM (3 replies)

An update about my cousin.

They have arrest two young men and charged them with murder. Part of me is happy they arrested them, but part of me, feels that due to circumstances, these young men have ruined their lives and may spend a long time in prison for this. If you live in the Spokane area, you probably heard about this and I know Spokane well and know there are very good people from Spokane and the surrounding towns. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It is nice to have people passing on their thoughts and prayers. Good night and thank you again.
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat Aug 26, 2017, 02:25 AM (2 replies)

Who is going to stop this train wreck?

I am afraid he (Trump) will drive this country off the cliff! Wait! McCain has spoken, maybe this is a start?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 10:00 PM (3 replies)

Our family had some bad news today.

My cousin on my mother's side of the family was brutally beaten to death this morning. I'm not going to go into details, but this just another senseless death. This has been a hard year on the whole family. My uncle's wife (my mother's brother) passed away in December and after my uncle died in April, his wife ( my mother's sister) passed away a couple of weeks ago.
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 09:42 PM (46 replies)

Pardoning and bragging!

Wow, Trump! You let a cynical thug go and then you brag about it! I wonder if Pence or Ryan will tweet about pardoning you? You made a colossal mistake, but then again, you're a colossal idiot!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 09:27 PM (0 replies)

What will the first words from McConnell & Ryan, about this lastest stunt by Trump?

Hummda hummda?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 09:20 PM (7 replies)

I like that Richard Painter says what's on mind and candy coating the truth!

Yea, I know he is a Republican but he always put everything into perspective that we all understand!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 09:10 PM (0 replies)

This could be a game changer?

Any person involved with Trump & the Russian investigation could stall knowing Trump will pardon them even before they get charged with a crime? Scary!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 25, 2017, 08:54 PM (6 replies)
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