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Profile Information

Name: Mark
Gender: Male
Hometown: Omaha, Ne
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 01:56 AM
Number of posts: 10,165

About Me

I am just someone who believes in treating others with respect and give those who need help a hand. I don't like it when other peolple think they are better than me. I feel God made us all the same. I know there are different types of people, just like democrates and republicans, but I do think that the republicans use their platform to show they are better than us. I am a catholic, who is against abortion, but know I that can not tell a woman what she can do or not do. I am for gun rights, but against guns that can shoot 4 or more rounds at once. I live life as it comes, but always look to make it better for tomorrow.

Journal Archives

Family Affair!

George P., the son of Jeb Bush, is breaking ranks with the family and wants all republicans to sallow "a bitter pill and back Trump"! Look out GPB, Trump will adopt you!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon Aug 8, 2016, 11:09 AM (6 replies)

Monster vs. Trump?

My money's on the monster! These so-cailed nicknames are weak!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon Aug 8, 2016, 09:43 AM (2 replies)

A 4th party entertaining a run for president, or is it...

a plot for Trump to bow out of the race? Or, is an actual "Stop Trump Movement? I confused! Will the 4th party be able to get on the majority of the states' ballots and be able to get into any of the debates this late? Either or, it could hurt Hillary's chances?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Mon Aug 8, 2016, 09:26 AM (11 replies)

Trump questioning Hillary's mental capacity?

Really? This comes after Trump's worst week of incompetence issues & won't be last issue of incompetence!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun Aug 7, 2016, 04:13 PM (6 replies)

Why is Trump watching the Mexico pole vaulting team?

Will he have to build a higher wall?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun Aug 7, 2016, 11:03 AM (7 replies)

So, Pres. Obama crushed Trump's birther theory...

a few years ago & now in the upcoming election. What will he do if he loses big? It will be karma, for him to be crushed & humiliated by a black man and a women. He won't know not what to do? He thinks that he superior to them. Ouch, karma bites hard !
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun Aug 7, 2016, 09:43 AM (2 replies)

Did anyone catch Rick Santorum on Bill Maher....

Friday night? Santorum, reminded me of a carp(a nasty river bottom feeding fish) gasping for air? Every point he made was shot down by Reiner & the other guests(don't remember their names). I kinda felt sorry for Santorum, NOT! We need more of this!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sun Aug 7, 2016, 09:27 AM (8 replies)

Pence' radio hero is Rushbo!

Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 5, 2016, 08:01 AM (3 replies)

"A binder of more women"?

Trump was asked in an interview "does he have any women in mind, Who would have in his cabinet if he should become president"? He answered "his daughter, Ivanka & the reporter who was doing the interview"! Is there a new binder of women, we don't know about?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Aug 5, 2016, 04:47 AM (5 replies)

"Why ain't there more people defending Trump"

This is a statement, I heard tonight while waiting line to get paperwork for my next load! I did not have to say anything! There was a young African American man working at this shipper. His comment was perfect, "why should I defend him, all he has every done was, insult me, my heritage, my beliefs, and most of all, he insulted the President of United Sates". He went on to say to them(while they stood there in awe) "while Trump was making money and so called sacrifices, he, himself was fighting for our freedom". Then he finished with "say again, why are there not more people who will defend Trump"? They were bewildered and stood in silence the rest of the time. After they got there paper and left, I got up to window, shook the young man's hands and said "thank you for you service". I had to laugh, he had a smirk on his face, as I was leaving, knowing that, he felt proud.
Posted by imanamerican63 | Thu Aug 4, 2016, 10:00 PM (5 replies)
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