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Profile Information

Name: Mark
Gender: Male
Hometown: Omaha, Ne
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 02:56 AM
Number of posts: 11,898

About Me

I am just someone who believes in treating others with respect and give those who need help a hand. I don't like it when other peolple think they are better than me. I feel God made us all the same. I know there are different types of people, just like democrates and republicans, but I do think that the republicans use their platform to show they are better than us. I am a catholic, who is against abortion, but know I that can not tell a woman what she can do or not do. I am for gun rights, but against guns that can shoot 4 or more rounds at once. I live life as it comes, but always look to make it better for tomorrow.

Journal Archives

Does anyone feel sorry for Reince?

I don't! He pushed Trump during the primaries and supported Trump in order to get the job on Trump's staff! Just wonder how long it take for the others to run away from Trump? Trump is turning on everyone who was loyal to him and now he thinks he can manage things his way!

One other thing! The guy who is replacing him as Chief of Staff, actually was ask by Reince to be Homeland Secretary! Karma bits again!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 06:29 PM (61 replies)

Well, we had a lot of news yesterday, but today? Wow!

This president has ramped up his rhetoric with a speech saying it was okay to beat people while in custody! He fired another staff member(actually, the person who really put Trump in office, loyalty? Nope!). He replaced the Chief of Staff with an honorable man, but one who has no experience with internal government issues! He has slammed the 3 republicans for killing the GOP's health scare fiasco! And then the Russians are kicked dozens of Americans out of Russia and seizing 2 American compounds! Oh, one more thing, North Korea set off another test missile, which if they can, it will reach the US, very soon! Two of these stories are different then the others! The Russia and North Korea stories, not a peep out of the president! This country is close to being in serious trouble in so many accounts and we have a buffoon in charge! It is down right scary!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 06:00 PM (2 replies)

Trump must be fuming this morning!

He has a light tweet out now, but give it time! He will in time! The successful president since Abe Lincoln, , has had more failures in six months than any other president in our country's history!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 08:10 AM (12 replies)

Well, I guess McCain has a heart and he will be in Trump's line of fire for the tweeting has begun!

They deserve one of another!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Jul 28, 2017, 08:00 AM (4 replies)

I am shocked that the GOP is worried about the President appointing a new AG......

during the August recess! Not Really! They have let him trample on the constitution for the past six months, let him hire is mini Trump, Scaramucci, fire those who are getting in his way or getting to the truth about him and the Russians! Listening to some of those so called patriots, is just down right scary! I heard Matt Schlapp say that Rosenstein should have went to Sessions and get his okay before appointing Mueller! Umm! Hey stupid, Session recused himself from the case! Then I hear Lindsey Graham and Senator Sasse both say that Trump will not be able to appoint a new AG during the recess! Then there is the throw against the wall health bill, 4 GOP Senators say that they won't vote for the bill unless they get Ryan's promise not to make it a law! Yea right we are to trust sleazy Ryan? Then to top the whole day off! Scaramucci spews out hate against Trump's main man Bannon and accuses Prebius of leaking info about Scaramucci's finances! What a day and it is only Thursday! What will Friday bring? Enquiring minds await!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Thu Jul 27, 2017, 11:19 PM (0 replies)

Prank or just stupid?

If someone could post the link to story, I would thankful!

What the hell? Rick Perry was involved with a prank by a "FAKE NEWS" group! My question? Why wasn't there any vetting of the callers? What security was taken to protect sensitive info given out? Just like his dimwitted boss, idiots!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Wed Jul 26, 2017, 07:09 PM (2 replies)

Scalise is out of the hospital.

Good news. No matter how you feel about him? No one should ever go thru what he has.
Posted by imanamerican63 | Wed Jul 26, 2017, 05:34 PM (5 replies)

I don't want to knock anyone's wardrobe......

but Sarah Huckabee Sanders has changed the clothes that she wears since she was promoted? Still the same snarky voice thou!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Wed Jul 26, 2017, 02:54 PM (17 replies)

For all those who followed Trump and his rhetoric down the rabbit hole....

this is all on each those who did. This is only get worse, and won't get any better for a long time after we all gone, which is "sad"!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Wed Jul 26, 2017, 01:38 PM (0 replies)

Trump has done more in six months to screw this country up than any other president every!

His lastest tweet law, banning all trans genders from serving in the military, is just one more of his way of destroying this country!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Wed Jul 26, 2017, 10:50 AM (4 replies)
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