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Gender: Female
Current location: Top of a hill.
Member since: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 06:58 PM
Number of posts: 14,192

About Me

I was born in North Carolina. I plan to die in North Carolina. But, I have traveled, a lot.

Journal Archives


Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines traces the fascinating birth, evolution, and legacy of Wonder Woman, and introduces audiences to a dynamic group of fictional and real-life superheroines fighting for positive role models for girls, both on screen and off.

Female superheroes, warrior princesses, and other icons of women's empowerment in pop culture owe their existence to Wonder Woman ó the unlikely brainchild of a Harvard-trained pop psychologist. From Wonder Womanís original, radical World War II presence, to her uninspiring 1960s incarnation as a fashion boutique owner, to her dramatic resurrection by feminist Gloria Steinem and the women of Ms. Magazine, Wonder Womanís legacy continues today.

Wonder Women! explores the nationís long-term love affair with comic book superheroes and raises questions about the possibilities and contradictions of heroines within the genre. The film goes behind the scenes with Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Gloria Steinem, Kathleen Hanna, comic writers and artists, and others who offer an enlightening and entertaining counterpoint to the male-dominated superhero genre.
Read more here where you can also play the game (lots of empowering fun) and watch the movie.

The more I learn about humanity the more I love that I was born a female. We are our only true hope, IM Empowered O.
Love, Peace and Shelter. lmsp
Posted by littlemissmartypants | Fri May 24, 2013, 02:46 AM (1 replies)
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