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Member since: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 03:19 AM
Number of posts: 177

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I am a stay at home geek Dad, living in the Southwest. I have a lovely wife, a great grade school daughter, and 2 insane jungle cats. I am a liberal democrat, living in a state where that is a dirty word. I want to help make the world a better place to live.

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Kindergarten Killer Is Foul, But Protected By 1st Amendment! No Psychological problems says SCOTUS!

In 2011 The Court Ruled video games as free speech, like other arts. So while The NRA's example of Kindergarten Killer is vile, banning video games isn't a call that will work this time.

Supreme Court Decision: 'Video Games Qualify For First Amendment Protection'

From the ruling:

"Video games qualify for First Amendment protection. Like protected books, plays, and movies, they communicate ideas through familiar literary devices and features distinctive to the medium," the ruling states [PDF].
The Court also said that "Psychological studies purporting to show a connection between exposure to violent video games and harmful effects on children do not prove that such exposure causes minors to act aggressively. Any demonstrated effects are both small and indistinguishable from effects produced by other media."

So the NRA wants to infringe on my 1st amendment rights, as a lifelong gamer, while keeping people from pissing on theirs???! That is ironic....and I don't mean like rain on my wedding day!
Posted by RetroGamer1971 | Fri Dec 21, 2012, 11:35 PM (0 replies)
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