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The first Presidential debate of the 2012 election season has now become part of history. There has been many takes on the debate especially about Obama's performance. Most people's take on it will depend on which side of the partisan divide they are on. Going by what matters to the very corrupt, corporate, for profit media we have in this country, truth is no longer sacred! What matters is the spin that will get the most following, viewership/ readership, and thus the most ratings and of course $$$$$$. So something as important as a Presidential debate, which should be about clear delivery of policy in a way the voting masses can understand and follow, is treated like the superbowl or UFC where the guys that pull the other down the most win. How many people came off the debate knowing exactly what Romney's policy position on any issue is? Yet according to the for profit media, Romney "won"!!! How rediculous is that?

What bothers me is that we live at a time when most people make judgements, not based on substance or truths, but on image projected in the media or on opinions espoused by so called self appointed "pundits" which are usually not worth 2 cents in my opinion ). How well has Obama projected the image of a strong leader? Before I go further, I must say that I am a strong OBAMACAN( supporter ) and have been since 2007. My contributions to Obama and Democratic campaigns is well over $2000 since 2008. I am proud of this support and I believe in President Obama's ideals, but I have had my points of disagreement. My strongest point of disagreement being Mr. Obama's inability to stand up strong in the face of fierce opposition!!

The early pointer to this was in early 2009, shortly after the President was sworn in. Many members of the Democratic caucus in the senate wanted Joe Libermann's committee chairman seat taken from him, and for good reason too. Libermann, a former Democrat endorsed Republican John Mccain and appeared at campaign events around the country with him, blasting Obama on every front. How did Obama handle this? He admonished the senate Democrats and advocated for the evil Libermann to keep his seat. How did that workout? Libermann never supported any of Obama's policies. He voted with Republicans to frustrated every policy that will turn the economy around and give points to the Obama administration.

Next, Mitch Mcconnell went on national television and shamelessly declared that the only agenda the Republican party had was to ensure that Obama never got a second term!! Obama never called Mitch Maccon artist out on this, rather he expended political capital trying to appease the rabidly evil Republicons. He never made a case against these self serving and unpatriotic Republicans before the American people. He never told the American people that what this really meant was that Republicans had chosen to hurt the country by opposing any policy that will lead to economic recovery, or even put forward policies of their own. Obama, ever willing to compromise succumbed to every Republican blackmail. How did that play out? It made the Republicans stronger and more vehement in their rabid and often unreasonable opposition, knowing fully well that Obama was the kind of guy that could be pushed around.

Fast forward to the Presidential debates. This was a big stage for Obama to take charge and dictate the tone and pace of the debate. All he needed to do on that night in my opinion, was to be President to both Romney and Lehrer and indeed 300 million Americans. It was an opportunity for Obama to stand strong, all macho and be the BOSS, call the shots and call Romney to order!! What did Obama do? He, in his characteristic way, ceeded this role to Romney, and chose to look from the sidelines, thus giving a whimp like Romney, the image of a strong leader. It is this image that won Romney the first debate and not the substance or the truths of his positions. Anybody can win a debate against Mitt Romney on the economy and domestic issues. The amount of material out there that will make Romney capitulate in minutes is mind boggling. But Obama,for reasons I am yet to understand chose not to use them.

This raises the question, are we ever going to see an image of a strong, kick ass Obama? Does Obama have it in him or is he just a pacifist, compromiser, why can't we all get along kind of guy? I have a problem with this image. I believe there is a time to compromise and a time to stand up strong and fight. I think the excuses of not wanting to appear as a bully or an angry black man are old and lame. The Republicans have made it clear at every opportunity that their loyalty is not to America or the American people, but to themselves and are willing to use every hurtful tactic that will fool the people and allow them to secure power. It is time for Obama to stand strong in the face of fierce Republican opposition and obstruction and hold his own. It is time he excudes strength and project the image of a guy who is willing and ready to kick Republican asses anytime. No more unnecessary compromise without getting anything in return, no more capitulation, no more allowing Romney to lie every second and behave like a hood thug without being called to order. I want the image of a strong macho Obama!!! But does it exist?

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