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Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 08:26 PM
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Body camera video allegedly shows Baltimore cop planting evidence

Source: CNN

New video casts a glaring light on Baltimore police practices as the department and city grapple with a distrustful public and record-setting violent crime.

The video reportedly shows what happened during what might otherwise have been a typical drug bust on January 24. Released by the Office of the Public Defender, the video purports to show a Baltimore police officer planting evidence at the scene of a drug arrest.
The Baltimore Police Department has launched an investigation and held a news conference releasing other videos while offering a timeline of events.


The video, recorded on police body-worn cameras, shows the officer placing a plastic bag into a food can, then partially hiding it under a piece of debris. Thirty seconds later the audio begins, and the officer says, "I'm going to check here. Hold on," as his colleagues laugh. The officer then gives a cursory look at other items in the debris-strewn lot and appears to stumble onto the drugs in the can.
"Yo!" the officer shouts at his colleagues as he holds up the small cellophane bag containing several pills. One of his colleagues shouts back, "What's up?" The video ends a few seconds later.

More at link, with video

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/20/us/baltimore-cop-allegedly-planting-evidence/index.html

The real reason drug laws exist.... planting evidence.... almost impossible without a major investigation to prove when it happens....

so pitiful, watching this parade of disgusting weasel people whine about their bullshit...

Their lying attempts to keep trying to look noble while they fleece their cult members, is just gross and weird and I think I need to turn my tv off before I barf through my nose...

that's all

George A. Romero, 'Night of the Living Dead' creator, dies at 77

Source: LA TIMES

Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero, father of the modern movie zombie and creator of the groundbreaking “Night of the Living Dead” franchise, has died at 77..

Romero died Sunday in his sleep following a “brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer,” according to a statement to The Times provided by his longtime producing partner, Peter Grunwald. Romero died while listening to the score of one his favorite films, 1952’s “The Quiet Man,” with his wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, and daughter, Tina Romero, at his side, the family said.

Read more: https://www.google.com/amp/www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-me-george-romero-20170716-story,amp.html

Brothel once owned by Trump family to become tourist attraction

Full article here: link:http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/brothel-owned-trump-family-turned-tourist-attr-article-1.3271182|

You will soon be able to visit a Canadian brothel that once belonged to President Trump's great-grandfather and is credited with starting his family's empire.


I am pretty sure they specialized in water sports

I have a, not so good, feeling about this one...

angry people get the even angrier when their own tools of hate are used against them. This will be seen as an attack on the right by the left - nothing can be helped there.

a good example.... if you can imagine a scene where there is a standoff of heavily armed police and a group throwing stones and hurling insults... and suddenly someone starts shooting from the crowd of stone throwers...

what happened today might be seen as first shots fired, at least by the uberhaters and the heavily armed.

i personally will be careful to not fight hate with hate... avoiding the haters might be a good move at this time.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify in an open hearing Tuesday...

Source: Washington Post

Sessions will be testifying before Congress for the first time since he was confirmed as attorney general in February. In light of former FBI director James B. Comey’s testimony last week, Sessions is expected to get many questions from lawmakers about his contacts with Russian officials during the 2016 election campaign.

This is a developing story. It will be updated.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2017/06/12/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-will-testify-in-an-open-hearing-tuesday-before-the-senate-intelligence-committee/?utm_term=.1193326e63f9

Trump insider pursuing bid for FBI building contract, raising questions of conflict of interest

Source: abc News

In what ethics experts are calling a glaring “direct conflict” of interest, a significant business partner of both President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is pursuing a $2 billion government contract to build a new headquarters for the FBI.

“It creates a huge conflict,” said Rep. Gerald Connolly, a Virginia Democrat who sits on the House Oversight Committee. “It’s an enormous project. The exposure here for the Trump administration is very real.”

Vornado Realty Trust, a giant New York real estate firm whose founder and chairman Steven Roth is a longtime friend and occasional advisor to President Trump, is one of three finalists for the rights to develop a new FBI headquarters and campus in the Washington, D.C. region. Roth is helping head up Trump’s infrastructure advisory council and traveled with the president as he rolled out his plans last week, briefly sharing the stage with him in Cincinnati – with Trump introducing him to the crowd as one of “the greatest builders in America.”

Through business partnerships with both the Trump Organization and the Kushner Company, Roth’s firm has a level of financial codependence with the First Family that Connolly said could spark intense debate over the Trump administration’s handling of potential conflicts.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-insider-pursuing-bid-fbi-building-contract-raising/story?id=47981206

They are also involved in Kushners 666 5th building - yikes

Wild police pursuit ends in fiery crash, cops seen on video kicking man

Source: CBS News

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- A wild police chase through the streets of Jersey City late Sunday ended in a fiery crash, a driver's clothes on fire, police caught on video kicking that man, prosecutors investigating the incident, city officials raising the possibility of firing officers involved, and the police union defending officers who were there, reports CBS New York.

The sequence of events was still murky early Thursday, but it all apparently began with police getting a call about shots being fired and trying to pull over a car that then sped from the scene, authorities say.

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/police-chase-fiery-crash-cops-video-kicking-man/

Read the full text of James Comey's Senate testimony opening remarks...

from abcnews website...

"Here is the full text of the prepared remarks that former FBI director James Comey will deliver when he testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

This statement was released in full today by the committee.

Statement for the Record Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

James B. Comey June 8, 2017

Chairman Burr, Ranking Member Warner, Members of the Committee. Thank you for inviting me to appear before you today. I was asked to testify today to describe for you my interactions with President-Elect and President Trump on subjects that I understand are of interest to you. I have not included every detail from my conversations with the President, but, to the best of my recollection, I have tried to include information that may be relevant to the Committee.

January 6 Briefing

I first met then-President-Elect Trump on Friday, January 6 in a conference room at Trump Tower in New York. I was there with other Intelligence Community (IC) leaders to brief him and his new national security team on the findings of an IC assessment concerning Russian efforts to interfere in the election. At the conclusion of that briefing, I remained alone with the President Elect to brief him on some personally sensitive aspects of the information assembled during the assessment.

The IC leadership thought it important, for a variety of reasons, to alert the incoming President to the existence of this material, even though it was salacious and unverified. Among those reasons were: (1) we knew the media was about to publicly report the material and we believed the IC should not keep knowledge of the material and its imminent release from the President-Elect; and (2) to the extent there was some effort to compromise an incoming President, we could blunt any such effort with a defensive briefing.

The Director of National Intelligence asked that I personally do this portion of the briefing because I was staying in my position and because the material implicated the FBI’s counter-intelligence responsibilities. We also agreed I would do it alone to minimize potential embarrassment to the President-Elect. Although we agreed it made sense for me to do the briefing, the FBI’s leadership and I were concerned that the briefing might create a situation where a new President came into office uncertain about whether the FBI was conducting a counter-intelligence investigation of his personal conduct."

Link to complete article: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/read-full-text-james-comeys-senate-testimony-opening/story?id=47894256

'Reality Winner' is leaking NSA reports, and Donald Trump is the president....

I am pretty sure I died choking on a chicken wing while watching the Apprentice sometime in 2007 and am lurking in some strange half-life... I must be??
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