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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
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MSNBC is covering Trump's return to Washington today

as if it were the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Holy shit!

President Biden even know how to have Covid better than Trump.

Another reminder of what marriage is all about.

My wife was having some minor covid-like symptoms, mild body aches, coughing, etc.

Nothing serious and the aches are probably her arthritis. But, she is going to baby sit the great grandchildrem next week for a few days, so she decided to use one of our tests to make sure.

After enough time passed she looked at the indicator and said: We're negative.

So here's the scenario.

It's election time in 2024. Trump has been convicted of serious crimes and has gone to prison, for a time long enough to essentially make it a life sentence. Regardless of who the two candidates are, if the republican candidate runs on the promise he/she will pardon Trump if elected, will this turnout more votes for the republican, or the Democrat, or maybe both.

One small upside to all the turmoil we are experiencing -

every day I feel a little better about being old. I almost wish I was older.

You know what amazes me?

With all the trouble the republicans go through to gerrymander a district so that a republican is guaranteed to win, you would think they would run someone who has an IQ above room temperature with the air conditiong on to run for it. They are spending millions on gerrymandering to run idiots to represent them.

My wife is in Reno this weekend and had a very exciting day.

She's there with her daughter and grandaughter. It's the grandaughter's birthday so they are having a girl's weekend. Grandaughter is 33 years old.

They were on the Casino floor and decided to go have some dinner. So the daughter cashes out of the machine she is playing and gets a cash slip for about $100. Just then some guy comes running past them and grabs the slip and runs. The grandaughter, who is a big girl, chases the guy screaming all the way into the parking lot but he gets away.

They called the police who showed up quickly and took their description of the guy. He was wearing some distinctly marked sports team clothing and three of them saw him and remembered everything he was wearing. The cops found him walking about two blocks away and they arrested him. He still had the cash slip on him and the daughter had remembered the exact amount it was for.

He's in jail tonight and the Casino replaced the cash slip after examining the machine and looking at surveilance camera footage. They voided the one he took and it is now evidence. We've been to Reno dozens of times and nothing like this has ever happened to us. Everyone is okay and they are up in their room watching a movie. Going to the spa tomorrow at another Casino.

If anyone hates the Giants City Connect uniforms,

it could be worse.

I swear I would ask to be traded.

Got my second Moderna booster yesterday.

As with the other shots, there were no side effects, not even any pain at the injection site. The Nurse who gave me the shot was maybe not quite as nimble as the others I have had for the other shots, but I was her first one of the day. No big deal, I just felt the stick a little bit. As always, I thanked her and told her she was very good at what she does. I have RNs in my family, including my wife and they really do appreciate hearing that. The hear the opposite often enough from grumpy people.

Every day I hear the press say that inflation is the highest

it's been in 40 years. I wish they would remind everyone who was president 40 years ago. Some people aren't good enough with math to make the connection.
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