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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 21,035

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Not going anywhere this New Year's Eve.

Nasty weather, although we don't complain about rain in Californis these days. I've got some good classic movies recorded to watch with my wife, some good food planned for the next few days.

Fuck it. I'm gonna break out the last of the Egg Nog and start drinking this afternoon. Stay tuned.

I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year. Cheers.

I would be happy if only one person was allowed to see Trump's taxes.

Katie Porter.

A little Christmas cheer for all.

A little game we play in my neighborhood.

I live in a Senior mobile home park and have really great neighbors. You must be 55 to live here. Ages range upward to the 80s. Many people are not physically able to get out and do much. Some of us like me are fortunate to be in pretty good shape.

Every Thursday, the garbage trucks make their rounds. Some people are not really able to put their cans out on the street or bring them back in after being emptied, so we customarily help out those who need help.

It has now morphed into a game to see who can rush out and bring the cans in not only for those who need help, but for anyone who may not be home, or aware that the truck has been there. I just rushed out and brought in the cans for about six homes, as none of them were home. I now have bragging rights until next Thursday that I got out there first. Now the wait for the next truck to pick up the recycle cans.

Retirement is so fun I can hardly stand it.

Jerry Lewis and the Announcer's Test.

Ever heard this?

Man, I'll bet

the ketchup is flying at Mar a Lago tonight!

I wonder what it must be like to

live in a county where over 70% of the people voted for Walker.

Which presidents in our history

have inherited the biggest mess when they took office?

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