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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 20,956

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Well, I'm feeling good after watching commentary on MSNBC

that people who know far more than me about constitutional law also think the defense was a bunch of babbling bullshit.

Thanks for the anonymous heart.

That was very kind.

What do you want to bet

that every single republican in the Senate votes to not confirm Merrick Garland?

I will be very disappointed if he doesn't go after Trump like a rabid pit bull.

Cooking mistakes can be a good thing.

My wife makes very good Shepard's Pie. No recipe, really, she always wings it and uses it as an opportunity to clear out some leftovers in the refrigerator. Always turns out good, but today was really different. Ground beef, a can of green beans, leftover brown gravy, creamed corn and mashed potatoes from last night's dinner.

Cooked it up for a late lunch, and while good, it was very different tasting. Very sweet. I went through the dirty containers from the refrigerator before doing dishes, and what she thought was a second container of brown gravy was actually some of the sauce I make for ribs. It's 50/50 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and sweet Asian chili sauce.

Something we would have never dreamed of trying but will definitely do again.

Just got my first shot of Moderna vaccine.

Never even felt it, no side effects so far. (one hour)

I went to the clinic where my primary doctor works, which is run by the hospital where my wife and I volunteer. It was a by appointment drive through, very efficient operation. I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home and that took longer than the vaccine. Hats off to all the staff there.

There are some downsides to living in a small town, but this was one of the upsides.

Black Lives Matter movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.


I think Senator Rand Paul's

hairpiece should be declared unconstitutional.

This won't happen, but I can dream.

In my perfect world, Manchin and Sinema went to McConnel and told him they would never vote to end the Filibuster, so he made his agreement with Schumer. Next week Manchin and Sinema both vote to end the Filibuster. McConnell tells them "You promised me you wouldn't do that!"

The say "How does it feel to be lied to, asshole, after you spent four years supporting Trump lying to the country over 20,000 times?"

Isn't it great how Biden signs executive orders

and then doesn't hold them up and show them to the camera, waving it left to right then back again like a five year old showing you the page in the coloring book he just finished coloring?

And better yet isn't it great realizing he probably read what he just signed?

We have much to celebrate today.

Aside from all the obvious things, let's celebrate that our nation has survived the worst attack in it's history. And it came from within. Thanks to our founding fathers who risked everything to give us a country that will forever stand strong no matter what.

And to those who sought to destroy it, damn you for all eternity. We will never forget.
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