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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
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Amy Winehouse

died for your sins.

Got my Moderna booster shot today.

Absolutely painless, not even sore at the injection site so far. I don't expect any problems because I had no problems with the first two shots either.

Not bragging or anything, but we need to hear from anyone getting the booster shot how it went for them, good or bad. The more people who tell us their story, the more informed we ill all be. For instance from the comments I have read here, I know I could still have a reaction in the coming day or so, so I am planning my activities accordingly.

Watching Chris Christie with Nicole Wallace.

It's amazing the contortions he goes through to not appear to be as big an asshole as he really is.

Did they set bail for Bannon today?

Or does that come later? Is there a Mug shot?

If Social Security thinks inflation is only 6%,

why did my local Dollar Tree Store just become the $1.25 Store?

Why is there no one on the news

who noticed no tears were coming out of Rittenhouse's eyes when he faked crying?

I had my annual physical last week.

Everything checked out okay, except my doctor told me I need more potassium in my diet.

When I go to the store I'm going to read labels and see which Bourbon has the most potassium.

Buster Posey

Local San Francisco news says he will announce his retirement from Baseball tomorrow.

They said the Giants would have probably picked up his contract option next year for 22 million dollars. He's 34 years old.
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