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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 21,034

Journal Archives

You know who's looking like a genius now?

Rex Tillerson. And anyone else who got the hell out before they got sucked into this mess.

I just returned from my annual physical exam. I'm 66 years old.

Apparently I am in the same condition Trump's doctor wants you to think Trump is in. Except for me, it's real.

So what happens if the committees get the whistleblower report

and it's been redacted?

When they impeach Trump

they should do it in such a way that when it goes to the Senate for trial, it should take over one hour to read all the charges against him. This will not be hard to do.

So I was at a local bar and grill this afternoon

and the bartender, a young lady probably in her early 30s was saying at our local high school there were some fights that took place that were bad enough that the police had to be called and ambulances were on the scene also.

I live in a small town where these sort of things are unusual. I asked her how she heard about it and she said she was a teacher there.

I don't know which thing bothered me more, the fact that there was violence at the local school, or that a teacher was tending bar after getting off work to make a living. Of course, I don't know the details about her life, but it is something to think about.

Donald Trump gets up every morning

and spray paints himself orange. Every morning. Do we really need to know anything else?

Making a type of gun illegal will not get rid of them.

You can tell this because everyone still has their Thompson machine guns.

Here's my health care plan.

The Affordable Care Act before we allowed republicans to attach over 100 amendments to it, before Joe Lieberman's vote had to be bought by giving him everything he wanted and a new pony, before Marco Rubio tried to destroy it by removing subsidies for the insurance companies and before Trump used his filthy tiny hands to sign multiple executive orders to try and destroy it.

That's what some candidate should say. Some candidate named Joe.

Think about this...

You know how the British government has looked to us for the last few weeks?

Do you wonder if that's how our government has looked to the rest of the world for the last few years?

Seems like every idiot I'm seeing on MSNBC this morning

is presenting this Camp David Taliban meeting as if it was a real thing that was actually scheduled to take place today. Very disappointing.
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