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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 11:46 AM
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it is satisfying because

of the Rove meltdown and the shellacking the Citizens United took. Think about it. The people said that their vote was more important than the money poured into the Romney campaign. Yes, both sides spent over a billion dollars, but Citizens United took a big hit that will come back at us in 2016. This gives them four years to figure out how to get rid of Rove and have a better plan. They'll be ready. Will we?

We are all here for you and your husband

You never know who a DUer is. It could be your husband's next employer. Realistically, we are a fraternity of people that believe in basically the same principles. One of those is that we are here for you. Everyone wants to help someone who is down. If we were all perfect, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Wherever you are located, tell your husband that he needs to make sure his new job (the one at hand now) is to find another job. Get up at your regular time and hit the internet. I did this and had great results. A friend of mine lost his job due to the government contractor he worked for losing a major contract. We worked together via email, etc. to get his resume readable and acceptable to give to prospective employers. It took about three months, but he found work and is making more than he was before. I'm thrilled for him. I got an email that had three words in it "We did it!!!" That's all I needed to see. I know your husband can do this and he will find work. Being patient and being positive are the key.

Good luck and stay in touch.

coping strategies

On June 1, 2010 I suffered a stroke that laid me up for 30 days. In that time frame I did everything I possibly could to make sure my company knew I was on the mend and would be back as soon as possible. I went back to work on July 5. After one week I was laid off. I know why and they know I know why. I could sue them and waste money trying to make things right, but why? I should not have gone back to work when I did and realized this on the last day of work. I immediately went on disability for 90 days and found myself recovering to the point where I was ready to work again. I picked my self up by my rear end and surfed the internet (indeed.com) for jobs. I applied to over 500 diffeent ads and knew that some were simply recruiters trying to lure me in. But, my old boss from a previous job knew what happened to me and asked if I could work for a three week stretch to help him with budgets. I said yes. On November 1 I was back at work. In my third week I interviewed with a recruiter that said there was a company in Arlington, VA that needed someone for six weeks (I am a controller/accounting manager by trade). I said yes knowing my three weeks were going to be up. Thanksgiving week I went to work for this company. Six weeks came and went and they kept me working. After the ninth month my work there ceased. One week later I interviewed with another recruiter who had a temporary job opening right next door to where they were located in Arlington, VA. I got the position one day later and have been here ever since. They hired me after three weeks. While I don't make the money I did before, I do not have the expensive commute I had before and take the Metro to work. Forty wonderful minutes for me to read a book and get lost in it. Yes, I make less, but I have peace of mind and have a small amount of numbness on my left side to show for my battle with healing from the stroke. More important to me is that I am happy. My wife and I are on a schedule again and I love it. I love her for her support through all of this.

I've gone on a long time here, but what I have to say is to keep your chin up. Your husband is better than the way heu was treated. It's okay to be depressed about what happened but he should NOT let that discourage him from looking for work. There is a guardian angel out there looking for him. I found mine, or, I should say the angel found me. I was convinced I would never work full time again as I was 64 when I was looking for work. Trust me. He will be okay and you will be too. This will work out. Your husband has nothing to be ashamed of and for all the grief his old company has caused him, you are both better for it. Chin up and happy searching.

It would be wonderful if you would keep me informed of your husband's search.

You are correct

Many people have left them for dead, but they are still a force to reckon with. They are now going to be buying up discounted mortgages in New York(?) and turn around and forgive the loan. What a great idea.


I need to send this to my mother and my brother (both are RWs). At least it will hopefully stop the crap they send regarding the Obamas and Lefties.


I think Rove, having lost a lot of credibility with the wealthy donors of late, will have a difficult time raising money for future operations. He deserves it and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

It was Ohio

I saw it as he was talking to Wolf Blitzer about Ohio and Blitzer called the state for Obama. I love it. It was classic and showed what an idiot Rove really is. Last night just proved it further.

Well Said

I think what you said is spot on. Money is a commodity, not speech. Money is something you have in your possession. It is physical. Speech is different. It is not a commodity. Speech is not what the SCOTUS said it is. The little guy spoke last night and said that the Big Money people were not going to get away with buying this election. It makes me proud to be an American.

thank you for your response

Thank you for that, Sam.

Our son lives In Lusby, Maryland and is a diehard Rethug. Where did we go wrong? I guess we are doing the same with their votes.

I voted early

I voted early in Bowie, Maryland and lines were very long last Thursday. I fully agree with your thank you to Obama/Biden and am wiping tears away as I type this.
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