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Profile Information

Name: David
Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Home country: USA
Current location: London, back next week to vote
Member since: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 07:20 AM
Number of posts: 384

About Me

Back in the UK, for a few days, back to the Boston area next week. Will vote in the USA, absentee or otherwise.

Journal Archives

Jesus Will Give You Your Leg Back

Before you watch the video that is the subject title here, you might want to meet Josh, and learn about him, as a Cancer survivor, Paralympic skier, inspirational speaker, and author.

So perhaps you would like to watch THIS one first.

Josh Sundquist Ski Racing in the 2006 Paralympics

OKAY, that's his sport, now here's his humor at his craft of public speaking

How to smuggle a 2-liter into a movie theater

Now, his thoughtful moment about religion

Todd Akin (R-MO) Says Rape Victims Can 'Shut Down' Pregnancies

No, really:

This morning, Akin told the anchor of the Jaco Report that, from what he "understands from doctors" (which doctors, he does not say), that assuming we are talking about "cases of legitimate rape" the "female body has a way of shutting that down" (i.e. preventing pregnancy).

So ladies, according to Mr. Akin, if you are raped, you not only have to prove to Mr. Akin that your rape was "legitimate," you also are at fault for allowing yourself to become pregnant.


The unprecedented Phoenix Galaxy Cluster: How many stars does it form? (+video)

The unprecedented Phoenix Galaxy Cluster: How many stars does it form? (+video)


The faraway Phoenix galaxy cluster may be the biggest and brightest such structure ever discovered, and it's forming stars at an unprecedented rate, scientists announced today (Aug. 15).

In Pictures: Where stars form

Here's a by-the-numbers look at the Phoenix cluster formally known as SPT-CLJ2344-4243 which researchers say could yield key insights into how galaxies and colossal clusters evolve:

2.5 quadrillion: How many times more massive the Phoenix cluster is than our own sun. This may be an all-time record for galaxy clusters the most massive structures in the universe, composed of hundreds or thousands of individual galaxies bound together by gravity researchers said.

Are you scientifically literate? Take our quiz

Dear Ann Romney: Get Off Your High Horse

Here is a list of legitimate, real reasons why voters are entitled to access to your tax returns, whether you like it or not:

The next President of the United States must lead an effort to reform our current tax code. It's long overdue and must be done. We're entitled to understand how you approach your own taxation, and what interests your husband will serve if he were leading that effort. Simply put: Will a Romney Administration consider the needs of the working poor over the needs of corporations and the wealthy?
Ordinary people don't have offshore tax shelters. Why do you? Why do you consider it American to shelter income from taxes offshore? Why would your investments take precedence over patriotism?
Americans deserve to fully understand how Bain benefited your family. It's well established at this point that Bain Capital was in the business of mergers and acquisitions. People lost many jobs to offshoring, mergers, and just plain asset-stripping. It's fair for them to understand what kind of profit you took from those lost jobs, particularly when you claim you know how to create them.
Ordinary people endure far more invasive inquiries for minimum wage jobs. You can get all high and mighty with us, but to get an $8.50 per hour job, many ordinary people have to endure (and authorize) a credit check, and in the case of government jobs, a background check. In many cases, they have to submit to a drug test, too. That drug test requirement isn't because their potential employer believes every applicant is a drug addict. It's because they want to make sure this applicant isn't one.

You want your husband to represent me, Mrs. Romney? You want him to have that job, a job I pay for? Then both of you need to submit to my hiring requirements. This election is a by the people, for the people moment, not an appointment by the oligarchs, no matter what you might think. We, the people, are your Job Interviewers, and right now we're inclined to say we'll get back to you with our decision after the returns are released.

The fact that you would place yourself and your husband above even one other person in this country tells me you and your husband are unfit to occupy the White House.


The challenge of assigning blame

Fortunately, the victim, Leo Johnson, will recover and no one was hurt, but the incident could have been much worse had Johnson not unarmed Corkins. Today, the group's president, former Republican lawmaker Tony Perkins, held a press event responding to the incident.

[Perkins] said the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups gave "license" to a shooter who injured a security guard at the conservative religious policy and lobbying organization's headquarters on Wednesday.

In a news conference addressing the incident and the arrest of the alleged shooter, Floyd Corkins II, Perkins said: "Let me be clear that Floyd Corkins was responsible for firing the shots yesterday that wounded one of our colleagues ... but Corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that have been reckless in labeling organizations 'hate groups' because they disagree with them on public policy."

Perkins noted that plenty of LGBT organizations issued statements condemning Corkins' violence, and he "appreciates" the sentiments, adding that he hopes they will "join us in calling for an end to the reckless rhetoric that I believe led to yesterday's incident."


Does this guy sound like he's playing the victim card? No mention of the ease of weapons purchase, nor any other time someone was inspired to carry a gun and take action... only when his own organization faced the violence from a crazed individual, then he strikes out at a group who targets his propagation of hatred toward a large segment of Americans.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow shines some light on the GOP/Paul Ryan's bogus budget proposal 2011 !

This from April 2011 !!!
Rachel knew this guy was bogus well back before this year.

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