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Profile Information

Name: David
Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Home country: USA
Current location: London, back next week to vote
Member since: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 08:20 AM
Number of posts: 384

About Me

Back in the UK, for a few days, back to the Boston area next week. Will vote in the USA, absentee or otherwise.

Journal Archives

The Presidential Succession Song

Joe and Steve explain the presidential order of succession... through the power of song!

Kind of silly, but exactly how things would go... and on and on and on, all the way down the list

Needing DU "love"


Vote, and voice your opinion!

Help! My Iowa sister and brother-in-law 80 yrs old planning to vote for..


They are white middle class, living on a federal employee pension.

They voted for Obama in 2008.

They are economically ignorant, afraid of debt, pay all their bills on time. My sister is a weekly church-going protestant who is socially liberal about issues like gay marriage, and helping out poor folks. I don't understand why they got themselves to this place where Romney appeals to them, but they say it's because of the jobs. Yet they have both been retired for over 15 years!!!

They have not many black folks in the town where they live in a federal state-subsidized elderly residential community, where they THINK they pay for everything in their condo fees, including on-site preventative Medicare health services and vans to the clinics close- by.

They are both health impaired, with major issues staring them in the face. They may live 10-12 years each, or just live two years.

They have two children in their 50's, five grandchildren, two great grand-children, all of whom they love deeply.

They fear the debt on those kids and grand-kids, and great-grand-kids. Yet they probably pay for everything on their federal pension and savings and inheritance they have amassed over their lifetime, probably close to half a million dollars in savings, which they want to pass on to their grand-kids.

Why are they so afraid? Why is Romney offering them any appeal at all?

Can you help me, not living in Iowa, assist them in finding a way to vote for Obama? Do you have any arguments that would appeal to hard-working, now retired independents who voted for Reagan, Clinton, Bush 2 once, Kerry, and Obama? These folks need something to make them think deeply about what they would be doing throwing Iowa to Romney. I know there's wind power and research and corn in Iowa, I have been there 5-6 times in my life, loved that part of the country. But how do we get seniors there to see that Romney will not help them? How do we convince older people in Iowa that Obama is their best bet for the rest of their days?

Rosie Ruiz Republicans by Paul Krugman

It started when Hugh Hewitt, a right-wing talk-radio host, interviewed Mr. Ryan. In that interview, the vice-presidential candidate boasted about his fitness, declaring that he had once run a marathon in less than three hours.

∂ This claim piqued the interest of Runnerís World magazine, which noted that marathon times are recorded ó and that it was unable to find any evidence of Mr. Ryanís accomplishment. It eventually transpired that Mr. Ryan had indeed once run a marathon, but that his time was actually more than four hours.


But didnít the Congressional Budget Office evaluate Mr. Ryanís plan and conclude that it would indeed reduce the deficit? Iím glad you asked that. You see, the budget office didnít actually evaluate his plan, because there werenít enough details. Instead, it let Mr. Ryan specify paths for future spending and revenue, while noting ó in what sounds to me like a hint of snark ó that ďNo proposals were specified that would generate that path.Ē

∂ So Mr. Ryan basically told the budget office to assume that his plan would slash the deficit, then claimed the resulting report as vindication of his deficit-slashing claims. Sorry, but thatís the policy equivalent of sneaking into a marathon near the finish line, then claiming victory.

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