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Member since: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 06:04 PM
Number of posts: 19,877

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Work in tv/film production - Unionista UPM for the DGA - Mother - Music Lover - Graduate of The New School economics/film - Born & raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn 1981 - living in Manhattan.

Journal Archives

Imagine What Fox News Would Say

Sheldon Adelson, the Billionaire Who Bankrupted Me

The bullyboy of Las Vegas Boulevard is at it again.

Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson this week filed another defamation suit against a journalist. This time, The Wall Street Journal’s Hong Kong-based reporter Kate O’Keeffe is the object of his ire. She has been busy probing the depths of Adelson’s Macau casino gambit. She also co-bylined a story profiling his litigation battle against the former president of his Macau casino operations, Steven Jacobs.

-snip to another example from article-

I know of what I speak. Adelson sued me into bankruptcy over a brief passage in my 2005 book, Sharks in the Desert: The Founding Fathers and Current Kings of Las Vegas. It was an enormously stressful experience that came at the most difficult time in my life.

Although I wouldn’t claim to have gained much insight into Adelson’s character during the fight, I immediately learned he wasn’t shy about hitting you when you’re down. On the contrary.

He sued me (and my publisher) while my then-8-year-old daughter Amelia was suffering from brain cancer, which had metastasized to her spine. She was literally fighting for her life. I learned of the impending litigation while at her bedside at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

More about the one of the scummiest right-wing life-forms on Earth: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/02/28/sheldon-adelson-the-billionaire-who-bankrupted-me.html?

Boehner Tells Finance Pundit President Obama Has ‘Balls Made Out Of Marshmallows’


If Mauldin’s maudlin speech is any indication of what goes on when business elites meet and greet behind closed doors, our corporate overlords should permanently ban all video equipment from their events. Mitt Romney’s derogatory 47% comment seems endearingly naive compared to Mauldin’s crude anecdote about his pal, Boehner. And — even more amazingly — this video wasn’t surreptitiously recorded and leaked to Mother Jones by Jimmy Carter’s grandson. It was publicly posted to YouTube by Cambridge House International — the company that organized this conference! Or should I say, the company that formerly organized this conference?

The bit about Boehner’s frustration in working Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and President Barack Obama is bad enough.

The rest is even scarier.


Did this mouthpiece of the one-percent REALLY mumble barely veiled threats about how — if the U.S. won’t play nice with the global financial community and implement the draconian austerity policies they desire — his corporate masters will take their … um … big marshmallow balls and go home? Remember how in Atlas Shrugged — Ayn Rand’s penultimate celebration of wealth, narcissism, and greed — the sociopathic protagonist John Galt persuades his rich acolytes to hide themselves and their wealth in a secret enclave when society won’t let them have their way? And how that caused the collapse of civilization?

-snip to video-

Link to full story: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/02/25/boehner-tells-pundit-obama-has-balls-marshmallows/

MSNBC Chris Hayes invited to CPAC 2013, declines offer unless GOProud ban lifted.

Yes, the legendary Conservative Political Action Conference had invited yours truly to participate at its 40th annual conference this March. I was specifically invited to be part of a panel called: “CSI Washington, D.C.: November 2012 Autopsy” along with Ann Marie Buerkle, John Fund, Michael Barone and Ralph Reed. I would be among 10,000 hard core conservative activists gracing the same stage as everyone from Marco Rubio to Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney, who have used the occasion to flaunt their conservative bona fides.

The form letter invitation I received even paid me the odd compliment of calling me “one of America’s leading conservative voices.”

My initial reaction was: of course I’ll go! As someone who attempts to convene discussions across various ideological boundaries, I have a special appreciation for CPAC’s willingness to invite someone with my politics to speak to the attendees. And as someone who regularly invites conservatives to sit at our table with a bunch of liberals, leftists and progressives, it seems only sporting (and karmically appropriate) for me to accept.

But then I remembered, thanks to a number of conservatives in my twitter feed, a pretty gross episode from 2011.

The rest: http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/02/23/my-answer-to-the-conservative-political-action-conference/

Gun Activists Warn Obama is Raising a Private Black Army to Massacre White Americans

Gun Owners of America president Larry Pratt appeared Tuesday on the Talk to Solomon Show alongside conservative blogger Greg W. Howard, of Twittergate fame, for another chance to spew anti-Obama conspiracy theories.

Pratt predicted that President Obama may begin confiscating guns in order to provoke a violent response to justify further oppression, which host Stan Solomon feared would lead to the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people.

Pratt once again insisted that Obama is acting like King George III, a sentiment with which Solomon concurred, saying, “That will happen quickly and they will wipe those people out to set an example.”

But Solomon wasn’t finished: “I believe they will put together a racial force to go against an opposite race resistance, basically a black force to go against a white resistance, and then they will claim anyone resisting the black force they are doing it because they are racist.”

Link: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/gun-activists-warn-obama-raising-private-black-army-white-massacre-americans

Man with high-powered rifles and ‘tank buster’ bullets arrested for posting liberal ‘hit list’

Police in Clarkstown, New York have confiscated a cache of high-powered weapons and body armor from a man who was arrested for posting death threats against against many Democratic politicians and every liberal supporter of President Barack Obama.

According to WCBS, 49-year-old Larry Mulqueen was arraigned on Thursday on charges of “making terroristic threats, illegally possessing weapons and harassment.”

Mulqueen’s landlady had tipped off police after she found a “hit list” posted on Facebook that threatened Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and all members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Facebook posting said that all of the president’s follower were “traitor scum” and promised “death to them all.”

The rest: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/02/22/man-with-high-powered-rifles-and-tank-buster-bullets-arrested-for-posting-liberal-hit-list/

It's become terrifying sharing the country with these RWNJs, they literally fantasize about Liberal genocide. As much as we despise conservative ideology we would never wish harm onto them, yet everyday it seems like they are looking to take up arms against us. The RW media is extremely responsible as well for hyping fear & their fetish to war with "Leftists & Liberals".

Life Through Google Glasses

The singularity is near.

Google has talked often about Project Glass, its Internet eyeglasses that offers features similar to a smartphone. But what's it like to wear a pair?

Today the Internet search giant has launched a new website for Glass, including a fascinating video shot from the perspective of an user wearing the glasses.

Obama Expected To Launch Massive Study Of The Human Brain

President Obama is planning to back an exhaustive study of the human brain that could help researchers gain insight into everything from Alzheimer’s to mental illness to artificial intelligence, the New York Times reports:

The Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to examine the workings of the human brain and build a comprehensive map of its activity, seeking to do for the brain what the Human Genome Project did for genetics.

The Brain Activity Map project could be unveiled as soon as March and is expected to cost billions of dollars, the Times says.

It differs significantly from the Human Brain Project, the $1.3 billion brain research project Europe unveiled recently. The European project involves simulating the human brain; the Obama proposal focuses on mapping brain activity.

Link: http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-02/obama-expected-launch-massive-study-human-brain

Louis CK Explains Historical Context To Jay Leno

Hillary Clinton Hits The Public Speaking Circuit, Writes Memoir, Plans Presidential Run

Does the “Guinness Book of World Records” have a category for “shortest retirement EVER?” Less than a month after “retiring” as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, word is out that Hillary Clinton’s hitting the paid speaking circuit this spring.


Clinton also quipped that she plans on “catching up on about 20 years of sleep deprivation.” The memoir will focus on Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, during which she traveled to a record 112 countries and flew 956,733 air miles to implement U.S. foreign policy and heal wounds caused by George W. Bush’s administration. Clinton has also written two best-sellers, “It Takes a Village” (1996) and “Living History” (2003). Clinton’s new book and public speaking engagements will highlight her many accomplishments and keep her in the public eye, as she prepares for the presidential race in 2016. Although Clinton still won’t officially comment on that, one of her top donors confirmed last week that she plans to run.

Link: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/02/18/hillary-clinton-hits-public-speaking-circuit-writes-memoir/
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