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Member since: Mon Jul 30, 2012, 08:18 PM
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you know you've got trouble......

You know that you are in.some serious ass trouble when Bobby Jindal is lecturing you about not being the party of stupid........

A Huge Mistake

Harry Reid made a huge mistake with this agreement.

First off, I thought a majority means a majority. We should be able to move our agenda with 51 votes when we control the Senate, and live with it when the Repubs are in charge. The use of fear to justify this piece of crap by saying that we wouldn't have Roe Vrs. Wade if we had 51 votes is nonsense. Yes, in a perfect world, we would have lots of gentleman"s agreements and understanding that one side wouldn't screw the other, but let's get real here. This ain't your father's Senate, and it is the crazy ass Republicans we are talking with here. Making a gentleman's agreement with Mitch McConnell is like a gazelle with a newborn calf making an agreement to pass safely through the territory of the local lion pride.

We should have jumped on this one with both feet. We had the momentum of Obama's reelection, a working majority in the Senate, and the approval of the American public at our backs. Now I am afraid that the next four years will be very close to the last, with Republicans blocking far more of the President's agenda than they should be able to do. I'm afraid we can say goodbye to things like meaningful gun control.

I want to congratulate Sen. Harkin, Sen. Merkley, and others in the Progressive Caucus who had the balls to stand up for meaningful change. I'm getting real fucking tired of hearing lectures on the sasuage making process from moderate Democrats who are just too scared of their shadow to make a move. If not now, when?

This one is personal.

Lawrence O'Donnell got this one right. Today the United States Senate disgraced itself.

This is personal for me. I've been legally blind all of my life. I know that it is hard to grow up with a disability and to endure the scorn and prejudice of others. Yet because of legislation like the Americans with disabilities Act millions of people with various challenges are living fuller lives in the United States. I've spent the last thirty five years educating myself (doctorate in education) and serving as a teacher and and an advocate for people with special needs and their families. I have done enough political work in this area to know that it is entirely possible to do bipartisan work in this area. This isn't a political fight, it is a human rights situation. There was no excuse for senators to vote against this extension of rights to the disabled community around the world.

This was a scene where the men went home for the holidays, the mice showed up, and the disabled got coal in their stocking. The excuses were so lame. Some crazy ass people from the homeschooling movement decided that this was going to cause them to lose the right to homeschool their kids. I feel sorry for those kids because their parents are so fucking ignorant that they obviously don't know the difference between the ADA, the IDEA, their ass or their face. Even when Bob and Liddy Dole were escorted to the floor, the cynical, politically driven Republicans couldn't look their old colleague in the eye and conjure up the balls to vote yes and say to the Tea Party idiots "Fuck you, I'm voting yes to this because it is the decent thing to do and if you don't like it, bring a friend to the next primary and we'll talk." What a bunch of chicken shits. And they are still asking themselves why they got their asses handed to them in the last election?

Lawrence O'Donnell was right.

From a teacher....

I am a legally blind teacher who has taught regular and special education students in California and Missouri for thirty four years. I have a masters and a doctorate and have taught for the University of Missouri. I have also run group homes and day programs for mentally challenged kids and adults.

Last July I was laid off from my teaching position with the Riverside County Office of Education. After a long career in teaching I was rewarded by being dumped on the curb like old trash My position was eliminated due to budget cuts but the real reason goes deeper than that. Because of my salary the county waged a five year war of harassment until they were finally able to kick me to the curb. Without going into great detail I will say that they acted very unprofessionally.

My union did almost nothing to help.They certainly did nothing to rock the boat or get in the faces of my abusers. They did the least they could do and still appear to be concerned. They did finally give me a little blue bag for my unemployment stuff.

At the hearing for my layoff the lawyers assured me that my name would be at the top of the rehire list due to seniority. They offered me a part time gig thirty miles from my home which they knew I could not get to since I do not drive. They might as well have assigned me to a position on Mars. I had to retire to keep my insurance. When I called about open positions I was told that they did not have to rehire me because I had retired.

I applied for unemployment in August. Because there are no walk offices due to budget cuts I have spent tens of hours on the phone and writing letters to appeal my case because the county is fighting my unemployment. If i do not get some help soon from unemployment or another job I could lose my family home.

Im writing all of this to DU because I need my progressive friends to understand some hard realities in our education system today. Our teachers are not honored or respected as professionals they are treated as throw away day to day labor. The NEA is a great source of political capital for Democratic candidates but they if you are a teacher looking for real help you are shit out of luck with them.

I am currently looking for work in special education advocacy or QMRP related work. If you have any ideas please contact me at rjlobo422@gmail.com. Thanks for letting me vent.

stop the madness

It is time to go full bore for full legalization.Common sense and justice demand it.

your dad was a hero

My dad was a lifelong republican who passed in 2010 at the age of eighty one. He kept his John McCain pic on the wall until the day he left for the hospital for the last time. Ok the Fox news was still on too....I just could not bring myself to switch it off. I guess that was a sort of respect. Although I ended up on the other side of the aisle we always had great talks on politics.He taught me the value of being an informed citizen in a free country as I know your dad taught you and your family. Astazia and I send our prayers and best wishes.

Michele Rhee is a corporate shill indeed....

The words "Michele Rhee" and "Students first" made me choke on my godamm coffee when I read this post this am. It's time that we expose this self righteous brat for exactly who she is, a shallow, self serving, friend of corporate education and an enemy to students, teachers and parents. Those of us us in the education field have seen Ms. Rhee's handiwork for a while now....slashing budgets, firing teachers and principals, promoting one size fits all reforms. She is a one trick pony and her shit is very tired. This woman is not the least bit interested in helping teachers or kids. She is interested in creating a Republican backed corporate educational empire to replace the public school system that the GOP has worked tirelessly for the last twenty five years to destroy. Yes, the media has to start looking into Michele Rhee more deeply to expose the greed and politics that are driving her self styled brand of "educational reform."

rock on Faygo

Rock on Faygo!

I'm 59 years old, white, straight and worked as a teacher for the same district for 22 years until I was laid off due to "budgetary constraints". So, by most accounts, I should be furious at Obama for ruining the economy, and raising budget deficits. I should be in line for one of those twelve million jobs that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are going to create...right? I'm certainly not as well off as I was four years ago. I should be one of those angry white males that the Republicans need to put Romney over the top in November.

Yeah, right, when Hell freezes over.

I'm legally blind and have been teaching for over thirty years. I have an Ed.D. in Education and Learning and I loved the students, families and colleagues I worked with and they loved me. About five years ago, my district hired a business type as Superintendent. He began to implement a "business model" for running the district which included keeping over 65 million in reserve, while systematically eliminating the teachers with high salaries in order to replace them with two young teachers at the low end of the salary scale. Of course this had effects on both student performance and staff morale. My union watched all of this go down and were kind enough to hand me a pretty blue bag from the Unemployment Dept.

Was I disappointed with the union? Sure. Do I think that they could have done more? Yeah I do. But listening to Chris Christie and the other Republican liars drone on last week about teachers and teacher unions made my blood boil. Teacher unions are about more than working conditions for teachers. They are about trying to construct the best schools we can in order to meet the educational needs of the students they serve. Am I supposed to favor a system of education where corporate wonks run private chains of schools, staffed by low paid teachers without unions, teaching creationism alongside science, teaching "don't say gay" and Shiria law is a threat to our liberty in social studies? I don't think so. Let's get real here. The only reason that the Republicans hate the teacher unions so much is that the unions are a huge source of financial support for the Democratic party.

Like Faygo, I am much more concerned about my pregnant kids, their families, the unemployed, our senior and disabled citizens, our veterans, our real "small business" owners, our scores of imprisoned youth, and all of the other people in this country who are beginning to lose hope of rising above their circumstances. I know that my family and I will see better times and yes, I still believe in hope and change for all of us.

So fuck you Mitt Romney. Fuck you and your empty suits, your empty chairs, and your empty promises. I will NEVER be a part of your demographic, or your cynical, selfish and mean spirited view of this country. Thank you Faygo for making me think and hope, and for wanting to pick up my Les Paul and crank my amp. Long live rock and roll and peace to all.

Mark Takano

Check out Mark Takano in California's new 41st district. The 41st covers much of western Riverside County in Southern California. Mark is an active teacher in Rialto. He has served on the board of Riverside Community College. He has always been endorsed by the local NEA chapters. This area has been redistricted and we can pick up a House seat here if we push a bit. Takano is up 4 in the polls: a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the Koch boys, so any extra funds will be appreciated. One caveat Mark would be one of the brave gay pioneers in Congress if elected.

Awesome tribute to Randi

This is a pretty damn well written post about a lady who is truly a hero of my wife and mine. We've been listening to Randi since the old Air America days. I remember her going down to Texas to camp outside Bush's ranch in support of the Goldstar Mothers. This woman walks the walk and talks the talk.

I remember that listening to her show got Astazia and I through many a long summer day during the darkest times of the Bush years, when it seemed that our country might lose its freedom in order to nuture a false sense of security. Like all of us, Randi was totally pissed off, but her calm, logic and passion never failed to help us see the truth. As you pointed out, she was polite but fearless when she was confronted by a conservative caller. She taught me the importance of facts and reasoning when discussing politics with people. She helped to blaze a trail for all of the progressive media who are currently popular. Thanks, Randi!
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