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Member since: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 01:15 AM
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I thought you might appreciate this article.

The Radical Message of Michelle Obama’s Speech


I apologize if it has been previously posted.

Ok, I admit it.

As a Bernie supporter that vowed to vote for HRC should she be the nominee, Elizabeth Warren just gave me a reason to actually believe in Hillary.

What I am really tired of is seeing posts here that trash Bernie supporters and that needs to stop. I WILL vote HRC and I said I would that all along. I will put a measured trust in her. Because the very last thing I want is to see a DJT presidency. I want to believe in her. I still have reservations. But she is my nominee and I will support her.

It is time to come together to put an end to the craziness that is Donald J. Trump.

Who's with me?
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