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Member since: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 01:15 AM
Number of posts: 2,329

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Willie Geist

I always thought you were a lightweight. But you calmly took down goolianie this morning.

I would have gone off on him, but calm took down crazy. Easily and with grace.

Thank you Willie.

Link to Obama speech?

Does anyone have a link to Obama's speech from last night.

I was at a ballgame and missed it.

Thanks in advance.

The MSM is going to crucify him

After this speech. They have already started.

Since I can't watch multiple sources at one time, post what you are seeing right now on tv or online.

CNN: paranoid all out declaration of war. Couldn't have assaulted her....just look at her. Really.

Good thing he held himself up as a martyr. They just might grant his wish.

Donald announces "Major Speech" at noon in FL

This oughta be........interesting??

Wait.....what was the question?

Once he starts rambling, I forget what it was.

Russia is new to nukes???

Got his hotel ad in, I see.

I made a mistake!

I decided to sully myself and visit the freeper-zone. I wanted to see how the deplorables were reacting to the news of the day.

In a "nut"-shell, it was, "Oh look, a squirrel!"

Absolutely nothing, nada, zilch about Trump's gleeful acknowledgment of sexually assaulting women because he is such a "big star" so he can get away with it.


It's this.....the thread titles tell it all.

Bernie Sanders defends rape fantasy essay, like 50 Shades of Grey
Bill Clinton, "Nobody can disputed the fact" Patriot. "That You're a Rapist"
LMAO! Obama consultant 'cries' on live TV at the thought of Trump Presidency

I could on, but I feel the need to get the stink sandblasted off of me.

Not one post about Trump's disgusting treatment of women. Not one.

Just depressing. I'm glad I recieved a decent education before the 'pugs started dismantling the educational system. The folks are just downright stupid.

HAHA!! MSNBC cut away from Trumps speech

Just now, the let him ramble on for just a couple of minutes complaining about "corrupt Hillary" and her and Bill's speaking fees over the years. They cut the feed and casually said something along the lines of, "That's Donald Trump speaking at......" Then to commercial.

They broadcasted all of the Bernie/Clinton speech earlier!

Hope this is a trend. It will cause him to blow a gasket. "UNFAIR!!! BIASED!!!"

Here....start your day off with this.


Watching videos of dominos falling can be one of the most mesmerizing things ever. There’s just something about watching a unique pattern or incredibly long line of dominos fall just right that is bizarrely satisfying. People can spend hours and even days making elaborate domino patterns, all to ultimately destroy their work in one fell swoop. But often times the fall is just as impressive as the initial build.

Domino artist Hevesh5 makes domino patterns that are just like that—impressive when they’re built up, and even more impressive as they fall. Hevesh5 used 15,000 dominos and put in around 25 hours of work spread over eight days to create an amazing triple spiral domino pattern. As Gizmodo explains, despite the long hours put in to the initial build, it takes just under two minutes for the entire thing to come crumbling down.


Ah....I feel so zen-like now.
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