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Member since: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 01:15 AM
Number of posts: 2,329

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His Lovely NYC...

Except no one Ďlovesí him in New York. They despise him.

So when is Hunter Biden going to be his go-to theme?

He hasnít had an opportunity yet. He will make one, Iím sure.

I love her face when...

...She starts taking notes. Itís like she is enjoying writing points to prove how wrong Pence is when it is her turn.

If I roll my eyes any further...

...Iíll have a migraine for a week.

Shut up, Pence!

Poetic Justice

Rand Paul has tested positive for the coronavirus.


Is anyone watching Game 1 of the WS

And if you are......who are you rooting for?

Me......Red Sox.

Oh, Shut Up, Turtle!!!!!

False outrage and trying to sound like he is fighting back tears.


I sincerely hope Dr. Ford is not watching this melodrama while Rethuglicans essentially call her a liar.

"We saw your faces."

Yes we did.

For context: Nicole Wallace was talking about how Trump mocked Dr. Ford and the people behind him were laughing. She took a second to remind those people that...Ēwe saw your faces.Ē

What's next?

Will I need to turn in my driversí license?

My heart breaks for my country. What will it look like when my 3-yr old granddaughter grows up? My heart hurts for her.

I feel defeated. I lived through and survived an emotional and physical abusive relationship. Am I the only one having really horrible flashbacks?

My most sincere wish is this...

That children bring this monster down.

Sometimes you can push against the line. Sometimes it isnít necessarily a bad thing. But the incarceration of babies tugs at the heartstrings of every mother, father, grandparent, etc. Essentially, any decent person around the world.

I really hope that the babies bring him down. Along with the Republicans in Congress who hide in their stately offices and hide the check from big business in their pockets.

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