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Member since: Fri Jul 27, 2012, 05:27 PM
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You all remember 2004, when we saw an Illinois State Senator give the "Keynote " address @ the DNC?

I first saw E. Warren in 2009 when she was on Bill Maher's show or perhaps it was The Daily Show, or Colbert...anyway...she came on to explain T.A.R.P. for those of us who wanted to know about the bailout. In fewer words than a short paragraph, she made sense to those of us (like myself) who are mathematically and/or financially challenged. She was someone that I'd watch grow into what I hoped to be Tim Geithner's replacement. *sigh* My niece was starting law school @ Georgetown. While she was visiting my Mom in San Diego we had lunch &I asked her if she'd ever heard of Elizabeth Warren & she hadn't. Flash forward...she now is a "daughter of Georgetown", & knows "who she is & doesn't remember her until she saw things re; her run for senate. (she never picked her head up from studying, pro bono, internships, et al) I don't remind her that it was me who talked about her but I am glad she knows her now. That leads me back to that big speech in front of the DNC..."THERE IS NO RED AMERICA, THERE IS NO BLUE AMERICA, WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" "ONLY IN AMERICA IS MYSTORY EVEN POSSIBLE". (paraphrasing, but you get my drift) We know what we thought...or at least it IS.what I thought...and he was a state senator!

Now here we are...8 yrs later...President Barack Hussein Obama has been POTUS for four years. And we will vote...& when we do ..the 99% will be the difference...and spreading ddown-ticket not only nationally, but local & statewide as well. The power of our voices will be our votes! This is our chance to make the other side spend more than a billion dollars on the presidential race alone & God only knows how many more of their precious dollars will be spent...but one thing I do know is...OUR IDEAS ARE BETTER & without our VOTES, the lying, manipulating, job creating ladder pulling, door closing, I've got mine folks, the my God is better or more right than your God folks, the folks that try to legislate a woman's health, or those who use love as a "wedge issue" fuck... I got carried away this morning...(long story for later when I get offa my soapbox...( note to self...re: dinner last night & disagreement with a long time best pal of our family who is diehard rethug but sweet otherwise)...Anyway...we must elect all progressive or D candidates this November & make this year a reverse WAVE election! We need solutions & those candidates who are totally bought & payed for step aside for those who want to govern.

We need to be the 99%!


Thank you Elizabeth Warren, for helping me with the numbersnumbers. I know deep down, you will win Teddy's seat back & do what I know you will...to help our country get back on track.

(I just had to get it out even on my cell phone)

So in conclusion it seems sufficient to say...WE DON'T HAVE KANSAS ANYMORE!!!!!

Way to GP!!

Was going to state how I arrived at my views; Tonight, Rachel went point by point...

I don't know how to post links & text from my cell phone, but tonight Rachel went through when & why things happened. Our fallen Ambassador Chris Stevens had written a memo re; increased al queda presence in a neighboring city to Tripoli. Check out "The Rachel Maddow Show" tonight. I hope that will clear some of this up. In the next 24 hours investigators will arrive & shed more light on what led to this attack. The sophistication of this attack led to the working theory that this may have been more coordinated.

I wish I knew how to cut & paste from cell phone but I am not sure how to do it. Lost many a post attempting to. I am not someone who posts without doing my homework & hopefully will have my reg. computer up & running soon.

President Clinton has this unique ability to explain complicated policy, that is understood by all

The "Big Dog" rocked!!! As did Sister Simone, Rev. Cleaver, Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren, Cecile Richards, Chris Van Holland, & so many others! I had no idea (and I'm a political junkie) Cecile Richards, (Director of Planned Parenthood) is the daughter of Gov. Ann Richards of Texas ("He can't help it...he was born with a silver foot in his mouth" fame...as well as being an exceptional Governor.

T'was a night to celebrate fact over lies, large tent over walk in closet, open hearts over closed minds, & truth telling over lies & hypocrisy!

I am too amped to sleep (left coaster) so I thought I'd share a few moments that I will always remember.


I LOVED STATES & TERRITORIES ROLL CALL! Each state gets I"bragging rights" and if that doesn't say "UNITED STATES", nothing does. Was great to lose voice sittin' in front of the TV!


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