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Member since: Fri Jul 27, 2012, 04:27 PM
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Secretaries of States...do not forget how important those races are to keep voter rolls honest!

We must stress the need for everyone to pay attention to state elections. The fact that any Governor may want to purge or suppress voters is now becoming solely a repuklican way to win an election. This cannot happen as effortlessly as we've seen when there are democratic or independent Secretaries of State to keep these voter ID laws from infecting the elections by keeping those from exercising their right to vote!


winning more house/senate/governorships

Awesome post, brilliantly composed & perhaps will influence someone you'd have thought it wouldn't.

I really appreciated being able to read your post and I will keep it for my own counsel as well. I will attempt to pass these thoughts along if the time is right.

What always seems to be conflicting when it comes to this subject inparticular is that most people who are in favor of the "death penalty" are against abortion. Pro-life & pro-death? Doesn't make sense to me, but to them, it does. k&r

Wasn't there something re: Staples stock undervalued in his campaign manager's divorce case?

He testified in his longtime friend & business buddy's divorce re: stock value less than market estimates. (public record for the most part ) The thing is...if my memory serves me...like a month or so after this divorce was settled, Staples went public. (the shares were worth much more then)

I hope it is something about his blatant dishonesty whether it's about his taxes, his history with women as Bishop in the LDS, or perhaps something to do with an illegal act be it perjury or financial scheming.

As far as Bollocks Trump is concerned it's a tie between ratings grabber for CA, or just something he thinks will distract ppl from whatever GA is presenting to be unsealed.

I won't get my hopes up. Could it be an ctober surprise? (in the best of ways)

Joe Walsh Jr. son of embattled congressman begs Tammy Duckworth to take down ads!

Deadbeat dad's son age 25 begs Lt Col Tammy Duckworth to take down ads accusing his "Father" of being the deadbeat wage garnished dad he has always been. Rep. Joe Walsh (R.IL) says he had nothing to do with it. It was all his son lil Joe's idea. Two weeks before the election Tammy says "no". He is soooo going to lose. Call him a wahmbulance!

I do not know how to post a link in blue so here is the link below. (previewed & link appeared hope it works.)


He has been a bully all his life, ALL HIS LIFE!

@Cranbrook Prep he led his pals in tackling a gay appearing classmate & cut his hair. (a month later, that bullied boy was kicked out of this school because he was caught smoking a cigarette. The bullying Governor's son...got to stay)

Again, same school he tricked a blind teacher by pretending to open glass door when one side was closed and the teacher walked into the hard clear door & fell down, while all Twitt's friends had a good laugh. Again, no discipline or punishment. (Governor's son)

We know about the state troopers uniform of his dad's in college stopping people and pretending to be a cop. Never got in any trouble.

From pushing his kids faces in butter, putting Seamus on too of the car, protesting FOR THE DRAFT & FOR THE VIETNAM WAR while legally dodging the draft himself by taking the deferment reserved ONLY FOR MORMANS. He went to France to get out of draft, & came home quicker than planned when he heard Ann was interested in possibly someone else.

Bullying is his calling card. That's how he makes money...being the big business bully & pretending that EVERYBODY DOES IT. MY mom had an answer for that..."if everyone jumped off a cliff would you?" Mitt would say it's only a little jump...

He has done it in politics continually throughout his career. Especially on his taxes! He says if you do, I will...then when Shannon O'Brien releases her tax returns instead of doing the same, he dodged it by saying...what about your husband's tax returns...and NEVER released his own...NOT THEM, NOT NOW! HE IS A FUCKING FRAUD & a BULLY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

And he's afraid of a bigger liar, Rush Blimpbaugh.
How's he supposed to handle the world if he can't disagree with that bloviated ignoramus! And yet he's gone to great lengths to avoid saying anything specific & that's bullying the voters!

We know he is worse than Bush 2 & beholdin' to the likes of Addelson, Koch, etal & don't think they won't fuck up things for our country & our planet.

He's not just a repeat offender, he's a sociopath.

AND now his family members are invested in voting machines in Ohio. This should be investigated cause the stakes are high very high.

This is scary as hell and if he's attempting to steal this election, this HAS TO BE

I hate to put this out here...but does anyone think the election would be this close if Pres. Obama was white?

Lastly, I hope President Obama kick his privileged lying ass! I really do!

One of the fathers of the modern progressive movement, Senator George McGovern.

An American hero! Rest in peace Senator. You will always be remembered! Love & peace to your family. (mine too nt)


LAWRENCE ROCKED THIS! I have be really upset since I heard this Tagg person say he wanted to throw a punch at the President! Every show on Current & MSNBC had something about this story, but none as royally a smackdown as was Lawrence O'Donnell's. We saw it live & will DVR it when it repeats later tonight. The total lack of respect shown our current and soon to be re-elected President Barack Obama is the worst I've ever seen! (no spring chicken here) The "southie" from Boston did us all proud!


Lawrence is wicked smart! And that's the last word from me for now. (posted earlier)

According to Bill Press & Think Progress...Mitt had 31 lies in 41 minutes!

At least he's consistent! I just heard this a minute ago. Let's see if we can all post one of Mitt the Twitt's 31 debate lies.

Bill is now recalling the speech in the WH Rose Garden regarding the attack in Libya. The President said this the following morning:

"No act of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for."

Absolutely beautiful, stunningly awesome!

WOWSERS! I LOVE SF & the entire bay area!
This rocks! I'm late to this party but glad I didn't miss this thread! WOW! We live 8-9 hrs from there. Hopefully one day we can be a part of this LIVING, BREATHING, DEMONSTRATION OF SOLIDARITY! Soooooooo cool! This TOTALLY blew me away! This old is proud of all y'all!

Now that's a sobering thought. nt

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