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Member since: Fri Jul 27, 2012, 05:27 PM
Number of posts: 262

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President Clinton has this unique ability to explain complicated policy, that is understood by all

The "Big Dog" rocked!!! As did Sister Simone, Rev. Cleaver, Sandra Fluke, Elizabeth Warren, Cecile Richards, Chris Van Holland, & so many others! I had no idea (and I'm a political junkie) Cecile Richards, (Director of Planned Parenthood) is the daughter of Gov. Ann Richards of Texas ("He can't help it...he was born with a silver foot in his mouth" fame...as well as being an exceptional Governor.

T'was a night to celebrate fact over lies, large tent over walk in closet, open hearts over closed minds, & truth telling over lies & hypocrisy!

I am too amped to sleep (left coaster) so I thought I'd share a few moments that I will always remember.


I LOVED STATES & TERRITORIES ROLL CALL! Each state gets I"bragging rights" and if that doesn't say "UNITED STATES", nothing does. Was great to lose voice sittin' in front of the TV!



Gov. Granholm debunks Rmoney/Ryan Medicare Plan

Check out "The War Room" opening segments on Current TV tonight. She rocked it!

Sharon Angle's 2nd amendment solution didn't sell in 2010

Yep, four more years...2016. Mitch McTurtle was pulling for her hoping to be majority leader then & now. We gotta hang onto Senate this election.

Is it only me or does anyone think team Obama might have

paperwork or proof showing what everyone thinks is or isn't in Mitten & Ann's tax returns? Weaving a tale for speculation on all fronts & breaking it out in say....September? Seems the seeds have been planted in the drought plagued swing states & once the dog days of summer are over...who knows if all the chatter might be a precursor to the truth coming out before the debates? I would love to see something like being outed as Mr. 1% wipe the smirk off his mug.
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