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Member since: Tue Jul 24, 2012, 09:30 PM
Number of posts: 7,999

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What a Quantum Leap it is

when you realize that you are the only person in this world who shares your reality ----then and only then can you obtain any Wisdom. Otherwise one lives one's whole life unaware of their own ignorance.

The Age of Privacy is Dead and Gone.......

Digital Age is driving[pi] a wooden stake thru its heart and I'm loving it.... Total and Absolute transparency is coming....... I'm loving it! No Secrets ,,, no Darkness!

Seems that the HRC haters are ,,,,,

operating much like the GOP did in the General Election of 2012 and 2008, that is to say they energy and focus is directed at "anyone but Clinton" as the GOP's energy and focus was "anybody but Obama".

It hard to elect an "anybody but" as the GOP has shown if you can not put forth a candidate and their positive attributes , you serve no purpose.

I hope for a more progressive viable Dem candidate than HRC but none have stepped forward. Until one does, all this demeaning of HRC serves no purpose except to help the GOP. Rumor control has it that trolls are being funded by Koch thru Papa Paul to pretend to be progressive dems and drive wedges in our party.... you know I am beginning to see where I could believe that.

If you can only support the Democrat Party when your ideal candidate is running, then you are not a Democrat in my book.

I want a viable more progressive candidate

But it is starting to look like noone is going to arise. If not what are our options.

Help to elect a Republican Prez [I can't go there]?
this could take the form of from no voting , to working for a third party candidate, to working directly for the Republican nominee.

or, Help elect Hillary in a manner that if she is elected she might feel an obligation to Progressives for their help.
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