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Member since: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 10:48 AM
Number of posts: 208

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msnbc app

I downloaded the Pluto TV app on my phone it brings most msnbc programming including Rachel for free..I use google chrome cast to watch it on my tv.or watch on my phone...for those who want an easy way to watch msnbc

Recounts give edge to Hillary- WI, MI, PA reversed.

Is the headline I would love to see past recounts.
Trump will be tweeting like crazy for sure.

A reversal of a few counties in the recounts could change the President-elect

Trump camp seems nervous and they are doing all they can to make the recounts stop. One thing they have going for them is the media is pretending as if these recounts are not even happening and ignoring the gigantic breaking news it will be if the results were reversed. All three states are showing signs that Hillary may have lost thousands of votes due to machine undercounts (misreading), ballot count tampering at precinct level, or potential outright frauds. All the scientific polls and exit polls all pointed to an easy win for Hillary, specially in these 3 states and the election scientists that called for the recounts in these specific states have seen something weird in their post election data analysis and something just is not adding up...I have a feeling the recounts will unearth something in the results tabulation and it won't bee good news to Trump.

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