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Betty Jo

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Member since: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 06:07 PM
Number of posts: 66

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Bain Energy Companies

You all should go google "Bain Energy"

Bain Ownership of HCA Hospitals in England

I am sure Romney walked out because of his/Bains ownership of HCA,Hospital Corporation of America.They own hospitals in England.Just another reason why Romney must publish all his/Bain financials.Romney yaks about Medicare and Medicaid.He needs to tell us all about his many healthcare investments.Go google Bain HCA. Be amazed.

Hi,my name is Betty Jo

I love DU.This is so much easier for me to yak on rather than the tweets aND FACEBOOKS ETC.i AM OLD AND HAVE TROUBLE WITH MY FINGERS and my puter seems to want to mess me up all the time.I need all the help I can get to document all of Mittys companies that he is making money off of.Bain in all its id's,Capital,equity etc.There are dozens and dozens of companies that are healthcare in many forms.Hospitals,IT,medicines etc. I would likew for allAmerica to see how much Romney is making off of healthcare all over the world.I want ever voter to think of that when he yaks about Medicare and Medicaid.My second rant is Orit Gadiesh,a Director at Bain.She is a Harvard Biz School Grad,like Mitty and Netanyahu.She is a former Israli Intelligence Officer, and daughter of a fanous Israli General.She wa sMitts governor transition helper.Will she become CIA head,or Defense sec ?Is she with Mitt now in Israel?H guys can give me!ouos is she about the zany Mormon Chruch and its relationship to Israel and nuking Iran?Will she be another Cheny? I would love all the tips you guys give me.How do I make my puter stop jumping around?Thanks.
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