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Member since: Fri Jul 13, 2012, 12:38 PM
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So how will Romney's "Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans." line

play out in Virginia now?

Will the GOP laugh like they did during the convention?

Nope. Not remotely close.

Never seen a more dishonest campaign than Romney's nor anything close to it on that level and I was around for JFK


干你娘的屁眼 Romney!

As well, you don't want to give the GOP

a popular vote win when Obama wins the EV. GOP Governors could try to overturn the EV for their state if it went Obama's way. In that way, every vote everywhere counts.

Even if they didn't try to pull that EV switch, a popular vote win gives Obama a better mandate. You don't want to give ammunition to John Boehner, if they keep the house, to obstruct for another two years.

Leave nothing to chance and hammer Romney for lying to you and the GOP for obstructing jobs.

For some time, it's been clear that newspaper endorsements

don't mean much at the polls the way they used to.

Few voters are swayed by newspaper endorsements of presidential candidates. So why do editorial pages keep publishing them?


Newspaper endorsement donít matter, at least not that much, and not in a statistical way that would affect the outcome of a national election. They may still count for more in local communities where candidates are much more unknown than Presidential Candidates. Newspaper endorsements are reflective of the current mood of the people in each community, and they give a voice to those preferences, rather then ultimately changing how people may vote.

Gallup: In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity

Trust in the media has plummeted to all time lows. It's sad in that democracy relies on the media but when you've been served so much garbage for so many years and poor quality journalism, folks get turned off.

You would have thought after all the years he spent in the media that Fineman would know that.

I sent links on this issue to the Obama Truth team yesterday

They should be able to fast track them to the appropriate people

New Yorker Cover

I've seen some recent threads touting the New Yorker's endorsement of Obama (link below):

but I didn't see a thread showing the cover:

it's a take off from a Norman Rockwell painting

Enjoy. It's on newsstands now.

I posted PEW polls from last June on this

What those countries generally think of Americans and their approval of America has also risen since Obama took office - in many cases substantially. And that is good for American business & trade, good for diplomacy - getting the UN behind things America wants to do and therefore, good for peace and the safety of Americans.

There's no way Romney, with 75% of his foreign policy team neocon Bushies, offers that to the American people. It's not remotely close. On Day 1, he'll have a trade war with China and will be muscling up to start a war with Iran.

I would note that outside of Libya (North Africa) and a few others, a number of countries in the Middle East area are not as fond of Obama. I suspect Israel probably has bought into the Romney BS but they probably haven't heard the "kick the can down the road" policy from behind closed doors.

Article Obama wrote nearly 30 years ago while at Columbia:

Breaking a War Mentality by Barack Obama, March 1983

These words from it caught my eye in light of Romney's defense budget
"It is at once a warning to us that the old solutions of more weapons and again more weapons will no longer be accepted in a Europe that is already a powderkeg waiting to go off; and it is an invitation to work towards a peace that is genuine, lasting and non-nuclear."

Unlike Romney, Obama has been thinking about this stuff for a long time.

And we have our Sarah Palin moment

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