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Here's someone else's attempt to transcribe the audio


At 6:28 of this video, this part seems clear

"Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him" (6:52 or so)

Since the officer was in pursuit and Mike had been running away, I can't imagine how the officer could ever get described as "doubling back" towards Mike.

Therefore, it does appear there is conflicting testimony from the person recorded by the audio of the above video about what happened before the final shots that suggests Brown came back at the officer just before he was fatally shot.

Is that the final word? No chance. That's just one person's account. But if it's a legit recording, and as of this moment, I didn't hear anything to suggest it wasn't, it would increase the challenge for the family of Mike Brown to get a conviction against the officer who killed Brown ... IF they can find the person who said it and get them to testify (BIG IF right now).

This one as well

which like Dana, appears to be from a right wing leaning source analyzing audio recorded shortly after the shooting

But I can't make out their claims for sure one way or the other on that audio. I have not had the time to conclude one way or the other yet - I'm just trying hard to be objective.

But it is a claim of a second account, like the one made to Dana, maintaining Mike Brown came at the officer before the final shots (note: that claim was also disputed in the comments under the video).

Hopefully, the evidence of where the shell casings were found and the double autopsy can sort out fact from fiction here. If it can't and the officer and a credible witness or two contradict others by saying Mike came at the officer, then they've established reasonable doubt and they will not be able to convict the officer. (don't crucify me as I remain skeptical over the right wing stuff above - I'm just pointing out how this might go in light of the above)

I found a copy

At the start of the video of the street scene, police tape is already up and the street blocked off with a few cruisers. It's obviously fairly shortly after the shooting. Brown is lying uncovered in the street.

very early in, audio says "killed for no reason"

0:29 "dead body" and more comments about Mike being dead follow

also other comments about Mike being unarmed and the shooting being senseless

2:55 his uncle (allegedly, "father" on video) tries to check out Mike and police escort him behind the tape

3:15 or so the EMS appears
Walks up to Mike on the road carrying a bag/suitcase
He kneels to check Mike out and checks his pulse.

Then he gets up and walks around to the other side of the body and kneels again to check Mike out.
audio "they say he had his hands up and everything man"

4:24 it looks like the EMS then makes a cell phone call.

I couldn't find the video quickly

I'll post a link to it if I do.

Seemingly well before the body is covered - it looks like it's not long after the shooting to me, two uniforms approach Mike lying in the street. One is an officer. The other is carrying a fairly big box like suitcase and wearing blue rubber gloves. When I first saw him, he looked like either he was EMS or there to collect evidence. But he doesn't collect evidence. He looks Mike over and then it looks like he makes a call on his cell phone. (based upon my memory of the video since I don't have it in front of me)

It's been reported that the EMS that went with Wilson to the call about the baby having trouble breathing just before this incident were the same EMS who came to the Brown shooting scene not long after the shooting.

On page 17 of the police documents:
12:04 EMS Contacted
On Page 18:
Event Report
12:04:15 Precinct set to '1', Sector set to '4', GEO set to '134.1', Fire set to '', EMS set to ''

I also wonder how much of that would appear on the above audio.

It is the audio from the St Louis County Police - not the Ferguson police

These files compiled in this video contains audio of St. Louis police dispatch from the date of August 9th 2014.
9:35: "Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control . . ."

10:58: "Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn't know any further. . ."

11:20: "We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting . . ."

Again, the above has to be verified. Just passing along what I think I saw, some of the evidence of EMS activity in the Ferguson police logs and pointing out the audio is not from the Ferguson Police - it's from the St Louis County Police.

Holder is putting 40 agents into the area

The Justice Department said Sunday it would perform a separate, "independent" autopsy of Michael Brown's body "due to the extraordinary circumstances involved in this case."

The autopsy was at the request of the Brown family
, according to a statement by the Justice Department.
Nixon also said it was important to have thorough local and FBI investigations completed as soon as possible.

"Attorney General Holder said he is putting 40 agents into the area to accelerate the process," Nixon said. "It's important to get this right. It has to be transparent justice, it has to be thorough justice."

I don't think so on this "sees the cigars and then drives away"

I think it might have been more like this based upon what has been said:

"sees the cigars as he's driving away. It then clicks in that these guys may be the cigar robbery suspects and he backs his cruiser up to address that .. which leads to the altercation"

I wasn't there. I don't know if that is exactly what happened. But it is quite plausible based upon what we've been told so far.

But again, that doesn't excuse the officer for blowing a guy away with his hands up. All it might explain is the sequence of events that led up to that moment.

This is critical evidence

Great that something like this is happening to reduce questions about what transpired.

Here's other reports on it

Wilson stopped Brown and a friend because "they were in the middle of the street, blocking traffic," Jackson said.

Hours later, however, Jackson told a slightly different story to CNN and NBC, saying that Wilson noticed Brown was carrying a box of cigars that had been reported stolen. Wilson, he said, initially stopped Brown for blocking traffic, but as he began driving past Brown, he noticed Brown was holding cigars.

At that point, Wilson "made the connection" that Brown might have been involved in a theft that had just been broadcast on police radio, Jackson said.

Thomas Jackson, the police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, said later that the officer did not know Brown was a suspect in the robbery when he stopped Brown. Asked why Brown and a friend were stopped, the chief said: “Because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic.” Jackson later said that "at some point" during the encounter, the officer saw the cigars in Brown's hands and thought he might be a suspect.

What makes you think we're not going to get his statement?

According to the Post-Dispatch, Jackson was more definitive:
The officer who shot Ferguson teen Michael Brown stopped Brown and another teen because they were walking in the street, not because of a robbery a few minutes earlier, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Friday afternoon.

Jackson said the officer was aware cigars had been taken in the robbery of a store nearby, but did not know when he encountered Brown and Dorian Johnson that they might be suspects. He stopped them because they were walking in the street, Jackson said.

But Jackson told the Post-Dispatch that the officer, Darren Wilson, saw cigars in Brown's hand and realized he might be the robber.
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