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Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Hometown: Las Vegas, Na
Home country: USofA
Current location: North Port, Fl.
Member since: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 3,063

Journal Archives

Oh HELLS yes...

Some of you may remember that I'm an electrician in the Fort Lauderdale area.
Earlier this month I got into it with my boss about compensation. I wanted what I thought was a well deserved raise. He disagreed and wanted to wait.
Well, there's a ton of work down here so I decided to put in my two weeks notice and see what was out there. He didn't like that and told me to take my vacation pay and just go now, so I did. I took two weeks vacation and started my job search when I got back and oh, my God. Over the last twelve days I've submitted 20 or so resumes and got 14 replies back! After 14 interviews, I've gotten 5 offers of employment.

Today I finally said yes to one.
They more than doubled, DOUBLED my salary, 401k, company phone and truck! I am stoked!
I'm sitting here trying to type this while I'm bouncing off the walls. I haven't made this kind of scratch since Las Vegas was booming in the early 2000's. I was doing okay here, but now I'm actually going to be able to afford a nice house for myself (no more roommates), and maybe a boat to go with a new truck.
Maybe even find a steady girlfriend.

I hope this inspires others out there that are sick of their jobs and feel they can do better. Granted, I don't have a wife, or kids to feed; but sometimes you gotta jump into the deep end and start swimming. There are jobs out there, folks. You do not have to stay stuck somewhere that you feel you're under-appreciated. Put some feelers out. Submit some resumes.
Whaddya got to lose?

Just wanted to share some good news.

And thanks for all the rec's

The TNT series "Claws" is filming an episode at my parents hotel!

They're in their 70's and operate a little beach resort on Casey Key near Sarasota.
The studio scouted the site and start filming in two weeks.
The studio is building a tiki bar in the courtyard, putting up a fake sign, and repainting the whole place. My folks are so excited.

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