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Profile Information

Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Hometown: Las Vegas, Na
Home country: USofA
Current location: North Port, Fl.
Member since: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 3,063

Journal Archives

A businessman?

Gee, the last businessman was George W. Bush. And before that it was Herbert Hoover. Can you say "Great Depression"?

It's PRESIDENT Obama, Mr. Eastwood

Show some respect.

Grant Bennett keeps stopping his speech and waits for applause.

Thank God Rachel cut him off.

Robert Reich nails it!

Just watched a 3 - minute video on his website and was delighted how succinctly he explains just what the powers-that-be want us to believe and behave for the betterment of themselves. It's not so much between Republicans and Democrats as it is between Progressives and Regressives.

Regressives want to take this nation backward - to before Social Security, unemployment insurance, and Medicare; before civil rights and voting rights; before regulations designed to protect the environment, workers , consumers, and investors. They want to sabotage much of what this nation has achieved over the last century.
And they're out to do it by making the rich far richer, turning Americans against one another in competition for a smaller and smaller slice of the pie, substituting private morality for public morality, and opening the floodgates to big money in politics.

You can check it out on robertreich.org
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