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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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I found this

an enlightening yet very sad commentary on what true amerika HAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ameriKKK.



should try to blemish this experience of Sen. McCain. He could have been out in 8 months IF he had made a statement against the war and he said NO. You're right. He was a patriot. Now the Vietnam War that's another thing. I did my 13 months in that country. And came home anti-war--anti-imperialist to the marrow of my bones. PNAC is a reality. And no, I didn't want to see 1,000,000MILLION Iraqui civilians slaughtered, because of a lie. 5000+ American soldiers slaughtered by this country because of a lie. 15-20000 in the care of our VA. Depleted uranium 'burn pits, TBI in thousands targeted for just that injury to add to our costs of taking care of our wounded for life. And a continuing 'soft war'. And still in Afghanistan that the deplorable idiot potus might turn over to 'blackwater' type mercenaries.

I dismiss his politics also, but not the man.

I relate


although every time I see a mixed race person, I know they are a part of the equation for solving racism. I still see the 'pure' whites looking upon the children with disdain. Yet overall acceptance is the name of the game.

“On the one hand it allows you to develop a different understanding of the world,” she says of her duality. “But there’s still a lot of ignorance in society. People perceive you as either black or white, and you’re not – you’re mixed.”

And since it seems the article left out our population of "mixed race" human beings: I am of a parentage of a German mother-African-American-Cuban Spanish father who was born in the USA. He met her while stationed in post-war Germany--1947.

At 70 I can tell you, it's been a wild ride.


me too at a lot of the pretzel bending.

not nervous

just understand what and where and who. I am careful whom I trust. Intra-party and definitely Inter-party. Been around long enough to be wary of words or omission of words or adding words where unnecessary. Anyone who takes the words of ANY politician, doctor, lawyer, at face value like I questioned above, just doesn't have the analytical know-how to discern. That's my take.


I met her and conversed with her. She unlike others will be able to withstand the RW bullshit and will be our next Governor. She has the experience to sidestep and relagate RW BS to the trash bin. If we come out to vote and not sit out whining, we will win. That's all I know.

Simple for sure.

Only criminals need deportation. Nationals security threats need deportation and have been since the beginning of the "dawn of nations". Not children or adults seeking safety and asylum from murder, rape and chaos. Hows that?

I DID NOT read

anything into her statement. I responded to her words, not yours, just what she wrote. I hope she meant what your convoluted explanation described. Which I doubt.

Well, I hope

she can read your explanation, somewhere.

I am not trying to divide

I am asking a question of the meaning of this 'progressive' in saying this, with absolutism. I am tired of the divisiveness and sowing of confusion and lies from factions within our Party also. We need to be unified, but our Party also must be wary of unnecessary factional sowing of confusions, again and again, lies about our Party and direction which has stood the test of time and withstood a very recent foreign attack on our influence as a major Party fighting fascists and undercover agents of RW influence.

IDEALOGICAL intent ALWAYS BEARS WATCHING, RW or alleged LW or do you disagree? I have been watching the ebb and flow of certain factions within our Party since the 70's. I will say out loud, a socialist-democrat has offered me or shown me nothing of substance or original thinking since my original appraisal of them while in college in the 70's. We have always fought for policies and programs that they usually co-opt as theirs. They may be small d democrats, no problem, they just need to vote and work WITH US for ALL legally elected candidates of our Party for local and national office. That it. Like it or not.

ICE is an important subject. This Gestapo group must be nipped in the bud. But leaving open the interpretation of the "deportation meme" above is a serious mistake and worries me.
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