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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

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and on and on #6



this delgado guy is

a Hispanic person treating another POC this way? Amazing. Not really. A lot voted to shoot themselves in the foot, he probably included among them. I know AA voted for the orange buffoon, women voted for the buffoon, gays voted for the buffoon, so I will not allow myself to be surprised or enraged when one of the orange buffoon's surrogates act out racistly like orange man little hands encouraged and enabled them to? I hope Mr Williamson can retire to Costa Rica when he finishes in court with the Brockton P.D.

Nat Turner, John Africa

Tamir Rice Trayvon Martin. Racist WHITE people still at it, Micheal Brown, Freddie Gray and on and on and on and on Sandra Bland and on and on and on. And one egregious example among THOUSANDS of white hate against African-americans. And I remember Waco and white people making white people toe the line. Yet between this takedown of African-americans in 1978 and Waco, the genocide of African-americans has continued to this day.



and the minute anyone like Colin Kaepernick protests the murder, summary execution(s) of unarmed African americans, white people pull a Muhammad Ali on him. Try to hurt him in the wallet and taking away his chosen endeavour in sports. When EVERY black person in the crowd at these events, no matter the event, kneel with the playing of an anthem, that has NEVER represented the aspirations and needs of the African-american, then we will be on our way to defeating the hate of those who take privilege and entitlement for granted because of their skin color. We can't go anywhere so we better start making the people represented by our racist potus understand, we have an understanding of the evil and racist hate, in this country by trumpers and their allies from every culture and race, against African-americans and fight it I will to my dying breath.

The fear that you ALL feel at the sight of brown skin and if they don't show the proper deference toward one of the 'superior' race is obvious in this trump era. The barbecue Becky's and poolside Pauls and Paula's start their racist calls. And lord knows, don't be a black person sleeping in a common area at a major university, student Sue and Sams will start making their calls about them maybe being tired from an all-nighter studying and the dorm room being too noisy, whatever.

AmeriKa the hypocrisy has always been and I fear always will be. Even when white people take on minority status as a race in this country. In fact, I can envision their fear growing and many, many more deaths of unarmed African american men, women and CHILDREN, such as were killed in Philadelphia that day. Crushed skulls, gun butt to the head of a three-week-old baby?!!!! Shot multiple times, 10-11 bullets in a black body. That's not hating and fear? It's the only way a trumper can make people fear them, since no AA quakes at the sight of the white wannabe 'Massa'. EVER!!!!! Even a buffoon like their potus is a ridiculed fool, WORLDWIDE.

two MSM

tools of trump trying to be 'outraged'. This is one of the reasons trump is in office now. They kissed his ass, both joe and mika during the primary up to GE. They are just pissed they didn't get the nod that the hannity POS got from trump.

this article is

probably here at DU in the jungle of words written every day. One of the main planks of the democratic-socialist bandwagon is providing healthcare for all-good, free college tuition to move into a class with a 'wonderful job' where one has an equal footing-good. Yet the same old policies that Democrats have fought for in my lifetime, JFK wanted universal healthcare, being dressed up as young and new as AOC, is just wrong. All the upward mobility, maybe lots of money and fame will not stop this:


and the democratic socialist does not spend a lot of time with this reality while telling people their policies enacted will solve ameriKKKan white racism. I will be voting for Democrats in November that are honest about the fight we have been waging in my lifetime, at the ripe old age of 70. And only those honest enough to say that they will continue the fight I have been in for a couple of generations now. I don't waste time believing that socialist-democrats are offering anything new. I know that Democrats have been in the fight since JFK wanted universal health care for ALL Americans. Money, fame, healthcare, a free college where a sleeping student with brown skin can be arrested on the whim of some telephone Becky means jack shit against the racism of Americans.

and what about AOC stating she doesn't take ANY corporate money


Old policies by AOC

dressed up as new. Move on, nothing to see here. Mainstream media taking advantage of low voter turnout, out of 235000 possibly votes, she won with only 16000+ votes. Mandate? NO! By trying to turn this democratic-socialist into some kind of rising star, politically, MSM is creating drama and a horserace out of nothing just to get them more advertising dollars.. If she wins, she will be just another democratic-socialist from a minor wing with a minor leader of the Democratic Party. Period.

ever been a

democratic socialist? Who is this clown trying to denigrate Trevor Noah. Of course, Stewart is/was funny in his own right. I don't care about this person or his biased analysis of Noah. Noah is funny in his own right and the show is still very popular with Noah's 'comedic' sense guiding it. In amerika one always has to be aware of the slyness of the 'massa' when trying to appear, maybe progressive and liberal and is not.

AOC is following the socialist playbook given to her by BS. All their promises to pursue the different policies have been pursued openly by the Democratic Party since JFK spoke about universal healthcare. There is NOTHING new in her understanding of where Amerika has to go to be truly a country for all cultures and races. What is not new also with this democratic socialist is her/BS's take on racism, it will be solved by money equality. BS AOC, tell that to someone like Ving Rhames.

this article is

probably here at DU in this jungle of words somewhere. But just for the hell of it, I want to remind all those socialists here that money equality, one of your main arguments for getting on board the democratic-socialist bandwagon and finally ending the scrouge of white hate and racism, does not change the fact that racism continually used by white people and their surrogates from all races and cultures, is the elephant in the room.

Having a lot of money doesn't mean jack shit if the one having money is a possessor of black skin. This fact is of the matter is, it's white skin VS black skin. ALWAYS has been in amerika. It's who wants to be perceived as the massa and who massa wants to deem a slave in their white supremacy fantasy land. Who's the perceived threat when seen in the streets or in their own home. I am of the rapidly evolving conclusion that all the words, money, ideology WILL NOT STOP hate filled white people from wanting their great white Amerika a reality again, with great being the operative word here, of which Amerika never ever has been, for AA especially.


I guess I should start watching the trumpers across the street, to the left of me, to the right of me and behind me...


still a threat?

now research how many white criminals in the commission of an actual crime kill a police officer and then get parole after so many years. Sad, because African-americans are still fighting for what this brother is fighting for. Equality in the eyes of 'white massa'.

yes there is


being one
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