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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 18,124

Journal Archives

schumer and pelosi

lack requisite courage to face bullies of the their own social and racial class. Maxine been fighting wypipo for a hell of a long time and knows civil will get you run over and dead. A gross majority of Racist WHITE PEOPLE cannot be reasoned with. Pelosi and schumer do not have the requisite life experience to deal with crude racists such as trump and his base. Go Maxine. Middle finger here to both pelosi and schumer.

The democratic Party leadership needs us for numbers. That's is all the Party has ever neded the minority vote for. They do not respect minorities. Hell their extreme quiet when President Obama faced white obstructionism and racist hate from the RW is not forgotten. Their extreme quiet when the First Lady, Michelle Obama was called monkey and worse, is not forgotten. When we held the majority in Congress President Obama's first 2 years, the racist 'bluedogs' obstructed him also. The 'southern strategy' BOYS AND GIRLS. Remember them, they are still with our Party. I have not forgotten.

I will never forget. The only way I am like the repthugliKKKan icon, the elephant, is my memory of WHITE RACISM AND INJUSTICE in my 70 years on this stinking ball of spinning dirt. And now a minority of racist white people has the majority of trumps racist base thinking the "good old days" have returned. Well they haven't. This is a new day NEVER to return to white supremacist evil, hated and ignorance. White supremacist/trump nationalists are the epitome of pigs in their pen wallowing mindlessly in their shit and mud. They better "take it easy". storm's a brewin'....

you are right

pretty damn fast how quickly a whole fucking country can be trashed by idiots. Fucking amazing. Well hang tough, a change is gonna come, a nod toward Sam Cooke there... we will defeat this clown. Ain't gonna be easy and not without pain.

she did not decline outright

I hear a measured reasoned approach to breaking down this fascist regime of the NPA aka GOP. she is someone to be reckoned with.

open/concealed carry

a bad idea for AA or not. An unarmed AA will still be executed by the ameriKKKan pig, I feel there is no difference in the pigs eye.


to Congress?????? Well he is emulating his boss in all ways pictured here. And this is the repthugliKKKan party of gropers, perverts and KKKristians.

typical bluster and hyperbole

from the potus POS of the POS deplorables.

He really is a stupid person, with power, I am ashamed to say as an american. A dangerous STUPID person. Yet this possibility of a truly open and non-repentant racist potus HAS ALWAYS been right under ameriKa's racist skin. In it's underbelly, as it were...

We defeat

watergate nixon-atwater- by demonstrating against the RW. Loudly and by putting many bodies on the line, mine was was one of them. IF the violence is RW inspired, it must be met equally. Period. Don't run, don't hide. We must fight. On the ground and against all enemies domestic and foreign led.

trump enabled them

and has continually encouraged this thinking and subsequent behavior. And you know, I am well aware these incident are only the ones we hear/read about. The trump 'brownshirts' are running rampant.

exact thinking

of so-called allies. SO TRUE as to one reason we are in this fix, and I mean a mellofahess, today.

if you say so

I'm still pissed. Been a reverse situation, racially, I guarantee the white person who dropped the weapon would still be alive. Militarized and heavily incompetent, cowardly and did I mention racist. Lots of people angry about these executions. Legal 21st century lynchings going on of POC, AA predominantly.

Just as bad as the "Strange Fruit" era.
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